- Sunday, May 19, 2002
Hmmm. lost that blog... oh well trying agin.

Another Beautiful day in Singapore
( although it is hotter than usual). Belle Vue ( insert "Melrose Place" here) group BBQ today. Some of us who know each other here have realised that we each all know other different people in the building, so we are getting everyone together for a BBQ. It really has become the advertising Melrose place this last year. When we sit by the pool we always now seem to run into one person or another. Not sure which characters we are though... I guess Simon would like to be Jake, which could make me just about anyone ( I think he got around didn't he?) and by red hair default Sharon Eldridge would just have to be Dr Kimberley Shaw ( not that Andy would want to be Dr Mancini.....)

Anyway. Been making salads since 10 and Simon's off to get heat beads so will report back after our day in the sun.


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- Friday, May 17, 2002
Just got home from Star Wars -Attack of the Clones and even though I thought it would be unbelieveable, even I can understand Padme falling in love with what was a small boy in the previous episode. Anakin is very cute!

Checked my emails and wrote a couple to absent and much missed friends. Wish I could talk to them more often, or even see them. Thank God for email, even though I tend to even be a bit of a slacker at that.

Simon's gone clubbing with the lads but I wasn't into it at all. A bit of peace and solitude at home!... AAHHHH.
4 more days left at Euro. Its actually gone really quickly. Will be a bit sad leaving. Not 100% sure what I'm in for yet. I think its all going to be a big shock to the system.

Time for bed (although not sleeping really well at the moment).

Big BBQ this weekend. Oh and I drank alcohol tonight so so much for the week off thing. I made it through 5 days... OH DEAR.

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- Thursday, May 16, 2002
I am so tired. My own fault really. Went to dinner at Angelo's house. ( an old friend of Simon's from Sydney who oddly enough lives in the same condo as us). As we are not drinking this week. we took all the workings of "Virgin Marys" and after two of those I moved on to the Red Bulls ( they made me feel more like I was drinking.) Got home at midnoght and was wide awake
(of course) so I proceeded to catalogue CDs and do some work until 3.30 am. Got up at 8.30 and still feel like a Zombie now. ( although this probably says I'm publishing at some ungodly hour its actually only 3pm.)

Off to see the new Star Wars film tonight ( opening night) so will let you know my comments tomorrow!

Looking around my little office I wonder how I'm ever going to be "out of here" by next week. ( and sometimes I ask myself WHY?) I HATE making difficult life decisions. Think Gavin may be coming to stay.... but he has yet to advise me.. he said maybe the 18th? I suppose it will be a surprise when he turns up.

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- Tuesday, May 14, 2002
I was supposed to be cooking dinner for friends tonight. Had the recipe already sorted out and even made a 8.30 a.m. visit to the friendly local supermarket. But it seems that we are all a bit too busy at the moment, and besides, Simon and I are having a week off alcohol ( well trying to, I have already been weak with 1 glass on Sunday but technically though the week started on Monday!).
It would of course be better when we can all have the usual one bottle of wine each that happens at simple "school night" dinner parties.
So what were we having? Swordfish fettucine with Char grilled Asparagus and Lemon rind. Mmmm. Still I may do that for us anyhow.
Designing a logo today, and "cracking" a Bank campaign. And still suffering from "sitting badly at the computer, cross legged and slumped, neck and shoulder ache".

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So much to do and so little time! Work at Euro is swiftly coming to an end, yet I am busier than I have been for ages. ( 8 working days and counting) Then off to do some damage to my skin in Bali then Lombok. Hoping to also try my hand at diving finally, maybe the 2 day 12 metre certification course. ( 12 metres seems like an awfully long way down.... I'm not so good with the claustrophobia thing!)

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