- Wednesday, June 26, 2002
Now I'm in trouble..... Posted for Lib but was so flat out at work that I only got time to post for my baby brother Mark now! And his birthday was on Monday!
He's 25 now which makes me feel insanely old! But HAPPY BIRTHDAY little brother!

More about him. He's a mechanic who writes feature articles for some of Australias leading motoring magazines. Check out "hot 4's" mag if you get a chance, he's a regular columnist or visit a website he helped create called full boost.com

If you are into cars and regularly attend car shows, rallys or drag racing events then chances are you have met him!

And I am so proud of everything he does!

love you Mark!!

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- Friday, June 21, 2002
Happy birthday to my sister Elizabeth (Lib), 29 today! Hope you had a lovely day with Brad and Mum and Dad and hope the kids made you lots of cards (she's a German teacher). I can't speak German so all I can say is "Gut Gebutstag" :) luvs ya! xxxxxxx

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Just a quick note with some more news.
Second week is proving to be a bit more mad ( I knew it would be but I guess I wasn't quite prepared to dive straight in) Its all fine though just a bit "flitty" as in I seem to be flitting from one job to the other and from endless meeting to endless meeting leaving poor Jen with little time to actually do any of the work required. Tomorrow it seems that we will take some time out again with a client lunch in sync with the England vs Brazil game.
Walking home last night we came across a snake in our condo ( albeit a very small snake, about 1 cm circumference and maybe 50cm long at most) it actually wass till the first snake I've ever encountered in "the wild"... if you can call half way up a staircase on the walkway through our block of flats "the wild" that is.... Luckily Simon was with me and he rescued me. I HATE snakes and spiders freak me out a bit too... although I am getting better. Simon wrestled him into the garden with the help of a postcard! He was actually an agressive little blighter too!

More excitement in that I have just had word that I am off to OZ to judge again on the DM jury for AWARD. Great to be thought of and I will really look forward to being able to spend some time with my girlfriends back at home. Shopping, eating, bars etc are all high on the agenda. Also found a cool website where people are given the chance to document their city on a provided disposable camera and send the shots in. One person per city and I asked if I could take part, so you are now looking at the documentor of Singapore. Check out itinerrance you never know they may be looking for people to be recording your town.
Must go to bed! Relli is biting my arm again to get my attention and that makes typing pretty hard!

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- Sunday, June 16, 2002
Still haven't completed the holiday notes I know... but if anyone is interested then you can view the pictures at www.boxercox.com/photoalbums/photoalbum.html. This is MOST of the holiday but ther are still a few to put up.

What have I been up to? One week at work so far ( so good) Tim is great and the agency is soccer mad at the moment so I've been privvy to a few long football cheering lunches ( not bad for week 1).
Also been busy setting up all the illegal software ( ie Photoshop 6 My own version....as they only have 5!!!) I have at home on my new work laptop.... YAY and it all works.

Last night went to the pub to watch Denmark/England and old Blightly won and won well. Denmark didn't really live up to the France game earlier in the week which was a bit of a shame... would have like to see the English team get a bit of a run for their money. Yesterday got back into Mahjong again... and won surprisingly ( a whole $4) so we aim to play once a week from now on!

Today? Fairly lazy. Attempted to do some flash work... but ended up sourcing images and then going out and shooting again. Really into the "mirror project "at the moment. have a look at www.mirrorproject.com so I am like a bower bird with reflective surfaces :)

Spent a bit of time sorting out my emails and sent a few to my favorite friends in the world (they know who they are :).. along with some new pics.

Tonight Simon and I went out for dinner, on the river at Indochine a rather nice restaurant. Since he's been working all weekend it was nice to have time to catch up. As usual our vegetarian / non vegetarian thing meant no sharing
( I had the duck!)

Now I'm home and attempting to work again but crashing spectacularly in Dreamweaver for those that speak this lingo) so I'm about to pack it all in and go watch a movie.

Another work week tomorrow. maybe the'll start being mean now ?

Wish I Knew how to add links here but I don't so check out my recent moods at www.boxercox.com/moods.html


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- Monday, June 10, 2002
so this is a break in procedings. I WILL get back to the holiday but today is my first day at work and I thought I could just tell you about all that.. SO... Day 1 Bateys Singapore. Jen nervously gets up and dresses in something she thinks is appropriate for a first day, not too casual and not too dressed up.. professional creative but not a suit... how hard!

I arrive at 9 on the dot but being a Monday Morning No one is here yet.. not even the receptionist.
It turns out that Tim, my new partner is actually on holidays in the Maldives until tomorrow.
So I get "ther tour" fill in forms and settle in to my office to wait for my new Titanium G4 Laptopo with in built DVD player.
After an hour of setting that up, I head out to brunch with my new collegues, Leo, Kristen, Sharon, Daniel and a couple of others whose names I will learn better with time. Back to the office and some time spent upgrading my computer so it runs the way I like it to and then its lunch.

Leo offers to buy ( as Tim's proxy) and we head off to the local favorite establishment, Sams. Bolognaise for me ( a welcome meaty alternative to Asian overload of late) and then I run in to old friend Paul Bennell. Still as lovely, handsome and funny as ever and on his way around europe looking for work options whist his beautiful wife and child stay home! ( Not fair I'd say if I was her!). We had a great chat, it was really good to see him!

It soon began to rain, the first rain I had seen in ages and by the time we got back to the offfice, wet, it was a torrent.

Not only outside the office... but inside too!

With roof rennovations in progress rain started pouring in to the creative department until it began flooding through the light fittings (very dangerous). So now with many tarps set up in the middle of the room. I am working on my first brief....

Till tomorrow!


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- Thursday, June 06, 2002
The evening of the 25/05
Hugh and Jenni arrive whilst Simon is off at Canggu surfing again. We sit around the pool reading and chatting and consuming all available beer. ( Bintang, dingen ( cold)). Hugh is wearing "sluggos" or as Peta Dawkins would say "Budgie Smugglers" that have seen better days, not leaving much to the imagination. ( Contoured he says... not see-thru!) And me not trying to embarrass anyone, with my top back on, recreating the dreaded white triangles!
Simon returns and more catch-up chats ensue then we all settle in for an afternoon of swimming, reading and in the mens case, Backgammon. We decide on a game plan for dinner... Hu'u ( a Singaporean owned bar/restaurant in Seminyak).
Dinner and hopefully lots of cocktails so we all get spruced up and head out on the "Seminyak town". The restaurant is beautiful. A huge Balinese open aired cathedral ceiling, dark wooded design fest. Yes, not very local or traditional but very nice. We sat first on floor cushions by a low table on the edge of the restaurant's own lap pool. A pool raised shoulder height out of the ground with a water feature that has all the sides spilling over into a kind of moatedge.
B52's were had by all ( ordered by the other Jen) then all on to our own cocktails of choice. Mine? a cosmopolitan. 2 rounds later and we still hadn't eaten so we finbally adjourned to our table. Wow what a menu. Baby Lobster for the Jens ( at only $10) then the rack of lamb with a fabChilean White and a French Pinot Noir. Next thing we know Hugh is saying hello to the adjacent table. A newly maried couple of "old" friends from Australia. ( It later turned out that the female old friend had been a girl from uni that hugh had had to kiss whilst they were both playing the parts of extras on a mates film set... thousands of years ago... and now she workd in London with Jenni's cousin! small world!) The evening continues with much more drinking and laughing including a "hocus pocus" shot which was described as Having a mix of Brandy and other spirits, but had an overriding aftertaste of midori and sambuca. FOUL!
Just as we were about to leave Jen's knee clicked out ( for the second time that day) so we hobbled out like a bunch of drunks leaning on each other. To bed quite tipsy and straight to sleep ( with the quite loud sounds of running water from our personal water feature above our plunge pool outside).

Makes you need to visit the bathroom much more than usual. I think I counted 7 times.... Well a least I was flushing all the alcohol out!


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- Wednesday, June 05, 2002
So here is the start of my holiday. I won't get it all done today. Maybe just the first day or so....

Bali 25/05/02
Today is the the official "Day 1" of our holiday in Bali. After arriving a little late at Denpasar airport ( I forget its Indonesian name) and enjoyable flight with truly awful red wine and another chance to watch "Vanilla Sky" we soon found our car man with the "Salmon Cox" sign ( they also all sem to pronounce Cox CHOC here. Nyoman, his name, remembered us from Xmas and helped to carry our gear to our Black Kjang ( Toyota 4WD).
Love having a 4WD again! You feel so above the rest of the world. We drove through to Uluwatu, and the route all seemed so familiar, its funny how we still know our way around so well.
Finally arrived at Uluwatu Resort. Perched high on the cliff tops we could hear the sounds of the crashing surf below.
We checked in and then dragged our belongings including Simon's 2 surfboards to our room.
White tiles, a huge indonesian platform bed with draped mosquito nets. A beautiful bathroom and a huge 180+ degree view of the magestic Indian Ocean from our balcony.And no TV. A blessing I guess. We unpacke the little we would need for our one night stay and headed for the oddly quiet restaurant. With Santana playng on the video wall I ordered myself a Caprioshka ( vodka, sugar sytrup palm sugar and lots of crushed fresh limes) the first of many I hope to hae on this trip.

Sitting listening ti the soft crashing waves and the "gecko" sounds of the native lizards I realised we were the only guests in the resort. Yes the ONLY guests. A small mean of Nasi Goreng ( fied rice - usual fare) we headed back to our beautiful room. I then realised how tired I was. After leaving work with all that stress and a couple too many late nights it had all caught up with me and I was soon snuggled up and sound asleep.

The first thing I remember was waking to find the bed beside me empty and Simon standing on the balcony with his binoculars, looking seawards. It was 7am and I was still very sleepy. Simon was up and ready, in a bid to be one of the first on the gorgeous Uluwatu waves. Board waxed and a quick goodbye kiss and he was off!
I splept well till 8.30 when he got back and we lay in our white curtained bed and planned the day.

Breakfast ( horrible American style eggs and toast affair ) then off to explore the surf breaks. In the meantime I had started Harry Potter and read 50 pages.

Uluwatu, then Padang Padnag, to the Impossibles then one that started with "B" ( :)) . Surf was small but the ocena was an exquisite aquamarine colour. Stopping at each beach we were greeted by the ever so friendly and beautiful smiling locals. At the "B" beach we had someone guide us on our walk to the sand. Through a paddock filled with munching "daisy eyed" cows with me wearing totally innappropriate walking shoes!
Belangen was next and after a long drive past many dogs, chickens and small boys we gave up the hunt.

Heading for Seminyak, our next "pitstop" we drove through the horrible KUTA beach "Aussie" area to arrive at our Villa. Slightly off the beaten track, we were worried about what I had chosen from the internet. Once inside the door though my fears were relieved. Our own pool, beautiful bedrooms and a great open living area. Heaven again. Now time to just sit with a beer an Harry Potter while browning my breasts as I wait for Hugh and Jenni to arrive. Simon sheads to Canggu for a surf and I lie back and enjoy the solitude.

To be continued!


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Sorry I have been absent. Away in Bali and Lombok for 20 days so expect a huge ( out of date) Blog on Thursday!

Awesome time. very brown. Lots of stories to tell. For some pics ( sketchily out up online) go to


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