- Sunday, July 28, 2002
Today I spent a beautiful day in the sunshine. Sitting on the grass at Rushcutters Bay park with Matt Cumming and Annette MacKenzie and the beautiful Maya. Surrounded by babies, toddlers and soccer kicking children, dogs of all descriptions, and parents laden with "toys-R-us".

A few coffees and chats about everything from babyland, to rennovation to tech/internet speak a few hours easily passed. Walking by the glittering harbour I was reminded about the major differences between Singapore and Sydney... there is a lot more "living" to be done here.

You can tell I had a lovely morning :)

Was great to see Matt and Annette and haven't seen Maya since she was just a few weeks old.

Got a lift up to Oxford St where I met Kel for such Pastissi's mmmmmm :) then wandered to the shops on Crown eventually deciding on a quick trip to the city in search of a laptop bag. Did I find one? NO! But I did buy some new boots.... if you want to see them here they are.... very retro :)

Tonight off to Ed and Olivia's house. Dinner and friends...

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- Saturday, July 27, 2002
Ok just updated the "latest photoalbums" page to include some of the actual pages underneath.... look for pics from Ganeshes 32nd birthday and the a night out with Craig Sloan and Scott Harris in Singapore, the last the celebrators after the UK beat Argentina in the World cup

I'll try to keep this all up to date now much more often :)

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Saturday in Sydney so far
and now its time for dinner and maybe a movie :)

till tomorrow

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Day 2 and 3....
Woke up a little tired from my very long day out... (18 hours up and about and a little too much red wine:). Slept in till 10.30 read the paper in bed and then set off for the city. Walking through the Cross I felt like I was right back at home.... "The Coke Sign" a familiar marker of "my neck of the woods". I walked down William Street taking shots all the way and revelling in the winter sunshine. The dodgy Tattoo parlour... the many cheao rental car places.... models spilling into and out of "Studio Magazines" till I got to Hyde Park. People rugged up in stylish coats and scarfes were strewn throughout... reading by the fountains, drinking coffee on the benches or watching the old men play "giant" chess. I got to David Jones, had a wander through and headed into the Mall. Try as I might I still was uninspired by the shopping opportunites. Covering most of the "city" I headed to the travel agent to pick up my tickets for the next trip down ( in 2 weeks) then scouring the last remaining places I decided to give up and booked myself into a massage back in Darlinghurst. and hour and a half later I floated out of Zen and then headed to my favorite Deli, Pellagio, to buy some late lunch. I had to really restrain myself from buying produce to take home... all those ingredients I can't get in Singapore... great Pasta, Arborio Rice, Vanilla Bean... maybe I still will tomorrow. Back in the hotel I sat down to check in with the office and coordinate my visit to animation company ZSPACE on Monay. within 40 minutes I had a knock on the door... the reception man to tell me I had guests downstairs. Frantically making myself presentable I went down to find the lovely Mike Boswell and Kate sitting in Fix (the hotel bar, a red laquered corridor... very very cool) I excused myself to finish my organising, showered, changed and got back down in 45 minutes. Soon we werer joined by the girl gang again.... Kelly, Katy (who I hadn't seen for so long) and Marie. We had a few drinks in Fix and then relocated to my room to quaff the bottle of Krug I was given on my flight. in lieu of a seat upgrade (its a long story). It really IS great champagne :) We set out for our night out and braved the biting cold on our 2 minute walk to Hugos Lounge. Scoring the couches by the door (the best place for service, comfort and people watching) we bought a bottle of wine and sat and talked for hours.

The girls started fading so I suggested one last stop at the "tasting room" a new bar in Kellet strett that no one had visited yet. Itrs a really nice spot. comfortable, warm with great music and even amusing bar staff.... One by one we all peeled off until I eventaully got home at 3.30 am...

Went to bed very very worn out and then awoke this morning with a 10 am meeting planned that HAD TO BE MOVED. I called Hugh (Hamilton) and asked if he could give me another hour and a half... he kindly obliged :) Phew

At 11.30 after more sleep and another wonderful hot shower (I'm going to miss that next week) I met Hugh with my laptop to take him through the work we have been doing on his website... he loved it so now I must get it going so that its all finished soon.

As the first real Guest in his new (6 days old) car we set out for Bondi via his new Rushcutters Bay appartment.

Bondi.. I'd forgotten how beautiful it can be, especially in winter.... The water crashing on the rocks, the hoardes of people strewn in the plethora of street cafes, some in the sun some rugged up in the cosy interiors, drinking coffee, reading the papers, looking for appartments. I love being back in Australia. I miss this lifestyle.

Raw Bar for lunch... Sushi and excellent sushi at that. A great chat in the sun and even a call to Anna, who its seems is actually in the Gold Coast and now Adelaide where I had last left her. She is working on a film whose name eludes me but it apparently has a cast of 70 - all men - as it is a WW2 movie. Who is in it? Some guy from Spiderman(but as I haven't seen it I don't know who it is....) and then theres the guy she was going to watch the Rugby with this afternoon, Joseph Fiennes... :)

I miss Anna :)

A walk to another cafe for a cofffee thena hug goodbye and we parted company. Hugh taking the long hike back to the car and me meandering through Bondi, shopping and shooting.

Finally I found some worthy purchases. More Sass and Bide Pants... new Baggy legged ones....
Finally I jumped into a cab, decided to brave Paddington again and traipsed through the shops on my way back to the hotel.
Now its time to rest... watch the news, catch up with the saturday Paper, then maybe out for a bite to eat and perhaps to a movie... Would like to see Dirty Deeds as I'm sure it will never make it to Singapore.

More tomorrow.. can't believe I really have to leave again on Monday....Did I say I love Sydney yet?

The viual story continues with pics of Friday day, and Friday nightSaturday? well I'll put those up later OK?

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- Friday, July 26, 2002
I arrived in Sydney last night... it was dark, raining and freezing... and wonderful:)
with my one and only jacket I braved the taxi queue to my hotel and was pleasantly surprised about my ability to stand the sub zero ( well not quite) conditions. Checked in and went downstairs to try to find Juggie in the bar only to spot him dissappearing out of the hotel door... I called out and then joined him, Bruce Allen and wife Carla for dinner at an old favorite, The Bayswater Brassierie, for dinner. A few hours later and considerably tireder I wandered back to my hotel room, a small but groovy space at the boutiqu-ie Kirketon. Watched Dynasty on cable and wondered why anyone EVER thought it was good and argued with the airconditioning about what was a respectable temperature for a suffering Singaporean resident.

After trying to sleep with "poor circulation - cold feet cramps" I evetually got up at 7am to brave the outdoors on my way in search of an ATM ( for some Aussie cash) and then real coffee after way too many Starbucks style offerings in Singapore. Both satified with a few digtal pics on the way I headed back to the hotel to wait for our "transport" to the judging session of the day. A foyer of assorted people were collected, possibly for the same purpose as me but no one seemed to be "chatting". Eventually our Two De Force "Cruise Director" arrived to take us to the "judging zone". Many coffees some good some filter, lots of arguments and a photoshoot at Sean Izzards studio, it was all over and we headed to a lunch at "Longrain", one of my favorite Sydney restaurants... and Asian extravaganza with a twist.

3 hours later I headed back to the hotel for a quick drop off before heading out to brave trhe elements again in Paddington with fellow judge and Art Director Tanya (Melbournian) the off to an impormtu Kelly organised get together at the Lord Dudley in Woolahra. A pub I am sad to say I never once visited in 10 years of living in Sydney.

Kelly, Emma, Marie and Hugh were all there to meet me... I was so honoured and flattered that they nventured out on suce a bitter night ( and a school night too). Soon Tommy arrived (sans Jen) and then Dave, Dick and Olivia (sans Ed).

A wonderful night.......check out the pics:)

I am now back chez the Kirketon and pooped from being up for 18 hours.... MUST sleep....

Tomorrow? shopping, sleeping, and eating... hmmm maybe the Korean bath house... mmm thats a good idea :)

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- Sunday, July 21, 2002
Hi... trying to get a bit more up to speed and catch up with my life.
What has happened since party week?
A week with the flu and spider bite turned into a weekend alone while Simon went surfing in Lombok (kuta) He had the pleasure of attending a local Sasak wedding and dressed in the traditional garb and acted as an attendant to the groom (as a valued guest in the village).

I stayed quite low profile watching nemerous DVDs, and sleeping a lot. I needed to catch up. Had dinner at a great friend and new Belle Vue'er Jason Schraeger's house with a couple of other lads so I felt well fed and taken care of. Simon got home on Monday and for the first part of the week we stayed quietly at home. Thursday saw us out for Shane Gibson's leaving drinks at Sound Bar. he's off to head up M& C Saatchis London with Matt Eastwood after a 3 month jetset about the world stopping in Bangkok, Bali, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York. Had an early night.
Weekend so far has been quiet. Watching films again and today another bout of Mahjongwhere I for once was the BIG loser coming away having lost all but $1.80 of my original $10 ( and the bets are all 10c).

Tonight... quiet dinner and "dogma" on DVD that I just got in on Amazon... Yay. Now? just a spot of work for tomorrows meeting and preparing for my 5 days in Sydney.. I leave on Wednesday morning :)

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- Thursday, July 11, 2002
Its been ages... sorry:)
So much has happened since my last scrawlings. Work has been perpetually busy and hence I have had the pleasure of a week long flu to tire me out, wear me down and generally make me a useless blob. Started feeling like a real human being again on Monday thank goodness.

Also to make matters worse I got bitten on my ankle by what I thought was a mosquito but appears to be a spider and subsequently grew very large and nasty and required the intake of antibiotics.

So I was ugly, sad and tired all at the same time.

Probably was not just the result of work though. I did have a number of quite large social ocasions in a row the weekend before. Thursday night was Comedy at the 1 Nite Stand Comeday club... 2 Irish men and a New Yorker ( who turned out to "really" live in Sydney and be quite nice off stage as opposed to his on stage "agro American" character.
Stayed way too long afterwards drinking Teqila shots with Jo, Sarah and the Comedians... and felt less than 100% the next day. Thankfully Tim had alos had a similarly large evening so he was as much use as me. Friday saw us getting all spiffy again and attending an engagement party for David and Caroline, 2 of our new BelleVue friends. ( Canadians). At the Fullerton Hotel we once again ended up being the last to leave. Then there was Saturday. Mahjong in the morning, feeling less than aware I still walked away in front... but it was Sarah that cleaned everyone out doubling her kitty. Jasun's birthday party. A huge night out and supposedly all the Singapore "movers and shakers" were there.

Since then its been a battle to get back to "sparky Jen" again... but I am finally here...

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