- Friday, August 30, 2002
Sorry its been so long. Have really been concentrating on creating some new sections for the site at the moment. The photos section is expanding quickly and will soon split into 2, "boxershots" - which will concentrate on my more arty and abstract images, and "photoalbums" which will be more of the timelines of my life in pictures for friends and family to enjoy. I have finally also, much to Simon's joy, started sorting out my many images of numbers, textures and words to create a section for the site and then theres Tokyo and our adventures on the subway which I hope to get up next week. Today we are off to Malacca, a town in Malaysia with both Portuguese and Dutch influences so I expect to see lots of "heritage", take lots of photos and visit lots of museums. No doubt these will be here for you to view next week. Did a horribly rushed job on this week's submission to the Design Marathon and also submitted yet another mirror shot.

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- Sunday, August 25, 2002
Yes it really is 5am and I can't sleep. I have been doing some work on my site today. The links to the right go places now esp to my new photo section.
Today I also have two new images up at the mirror project. I must try to get some sleep... but with Simon away my clock gets all out of whack.

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YAY :)

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Just changed my template and it seems to NOT BE working as yet ... doh :(

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- Monday, August 19, 2002
Third time lucky... I keep losing my postings hmmmm

I spent another weekend alone in Singapore, as no sooner had Simon arrived home on Wednesday night (after missing his early morning flight) than he had to leave again on Thursday afternoon for 3 days work in HK.

My week was busy yet mostly uneventful. A quick drink on Thursday night with Tim, Leo, Tamara, Thomasine and Ellen turned into a few too many and I got home tired at 11pm. Friday we were flat out, flitting from one assignment to the next and then meetings that I hadn't even expected just happened and ate up more of our day. A late meeting ended t 8pm so after one Gin and Tonic and a Tuna Toastie at Beaujolais (mmm) I headed home to get a good nights sleep. I woke late the next day well 10.30 so at least I had a small sleep in then dragging myself out of bed I aimed for the Supermarket with my trusty camera in tow as usual. A huge buy up of all the staples and I attempted to shop for "other things" but to no avail... nothing was begging me to take it home and a bit dejected I walked home. A swim, a bake and 2 hours of Harry Potter 4 ( the fat one) late I felt much more relaxed and "weekended".

Home in time for the supermarket delivery man, half of "the Graduate" on DVD, a snooze on the couch and then a walk around the block to pick up one last thing for my dinner. I made "Vichysoisse" fot the unititiated that means Potato and Leek Soup. So I was eating that, with hot buttered toast in front of "Dirty Dancing" on cable when Sharon resucued me with an inviation to the cinema. Saw "Unfaithful" with Sharon, Marina and Chas and Chas's comment of the night was. "I can't believe I am seeing a Richard Gere film with 3 women". The film? Quite good though obviously cnesored for Singapore a little. The story? For thoses who haven't seen it I'll try not to give too much away but suffice to say... she meets by accident a gorgous younger man with a body to die for and an amazing foreign accent who she embarks on a dangerous and erotic affair with. Yes he has oecs, yes he makes her laugh but does he have a brain? I'm not so sure. That aside her scene on the train trip home is oscar winning material.
(but only that scene). Later Richard Gere has a questionable "From Dusk till Dawn" moment and then !@#$%^&*.......... hmmmmm out of 10? 5 from me anyhow.

Home by 12, then doing some work online instead of sleeping.
Sunday? up earlyish than to Blood Brothers cafe for brunch with Sharon and Sarah. (MMMMM Rice Pilaf with Beetroot and Pumpkin as usual). Then Mahjong at Junes house. Losses? this week only 30 cents :) at home again I tidied the house for the week (and Simon's return).
He did finally get home at 9pm, so Vichysoisses later and a few episodes of "Sex and the City season 3 on DVD" later I finally went to bed.... ready for a new week.

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More of our time in Terrigal. Gorgeous bathtime pics of Jordan from my Sunday morning with Sophie.

And finally it was time to go home. :( So we waved goodbye and headed for Sydney and the airport.

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I have so much more to tell you all but quickly, before I do here are the rest of my stories and pics from our lovely (but too quick) stay in Sydney.
Firstly there is the arriving in Sydney story. Simon and I were lucky to get the seats we requested with extra leg room on an exit row... so nice to be able to stretch out. We left home after urgently packing at around 9.30 and headed for the airport to make our 12.01am flight. ( not a very respectable time was it). Well the plane ended up leaving at 1.30am ( so even worse for work weary people like us). Although it was technically the middle of the night I found it near impossible to sleep. I watched numerous films including "trying" to watch Spiderman unsuccessfully.

At this point I actually fell asleep. With Simon on one side, and a very tall lanky English man in search of a world of adventures on the other, I ended up with a very stiff neck. Simon lying on one shoulder and my fear of accidentally leaning on said poor English lad being the cause.

We arrived early the next morning. We had supposed to be in at 9am but now it was closer to 11.
A quick breakfast in Bondi, some urgent shopping and chores in Paddo and off to visit the family.
Here are our first Sydney images.

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- Monday, August 12, 2002
OK so this is a bit backwards....
Here are some shots for Friday night Dinner at Geoff and Jan's new house in Holgate. Tomorrow I will add Jen and Simon driving to Terrigal on Friday day... and then Sunday morning Jordans bath, Sophie playing and Jen driving back to the airport.

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- Sunday, August 11, 2002
I just spent a wonderful weekend in Sydney with my niece Sophie, Nephew Jordan and brother and sister in law
(Andrew and Kylie)... Lots of photos to show but first a message to everyone from Sophie May Cox (5 years old)...

"When I went rollerblading, it was fun rollerblading at Terrigal Beach. I went with Jenny, Simon, Mummy, Daddy and Jordan. I rollerbladed a long way. Daddy pushed me fast and then Jenny held my hand then I was by myself at the end.
After rollerblading we went to lunch and I had hot chips. I went home then Jenny and me played hairdressers and barbies and Jenny did the hair and I did all of the rest. It was fun playing Barbies. I have got 22 Barbies and my favorite one is Matilda. She has black hair and she is a beach girl. We played the Spelling game and I did 2 whole cards of 4 letter words and there is some on the back and some on the front. The hardest one was "nest"....
On Sunday I woke Jenny up at 6.30 and Jenny and Simon woke Simon up with Powerpuff girl ( who talks). Her name is Bubbles. We played spelling again then we played with Jordan and then we played Barbie website but it didn't work very well on Jenny's computer. When we were on the computer it didn't work well because of the computer.
Jenny is going today and I wish she didn't go today because I like playing with Jenny.

by Sophie May Cox

I will write more later and upload some more pics just got in and its time for bed... and might I just add... its really hot here in Singapore... its 11pm and its still 29 degrees celcius phew :)

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- Wednesday, August 07, 2002
Last night I finished work a little late. Its usually quite easy to get cabs at night here, but for some reason there were hoardes of people waiting everywhere and even when I called I got the "I'm sorry there are no taxis available at time moment" blurb. If you have ever been to Singapore you will know that this only comes half an hour after making the initial call, giving them all the details and then holding for a taxi number. Anyhow I decided to make the most of it. I needed the bank so I started walking home and took pictures all the way. This is what I saw...

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- Monday, August 05, 2002
Thought I might add a link to The Mirror Project.
For those of you who haven't visited it check it out. A site created in The US by Heather for afficionados of reflective surfaces. All you frustrated photographers or digital camera freaks should have a look. Here's a collection of the shots I have uploaded so far.

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- Sunday, August 04, 2002
So this is REALLY my Sunday news for this week. Got up realtrively early after a totally useless Saturday recovering from Friday night (some photos are in the link below :) Did quite a bit of work for both Batey and myself and then went with Simon to take the old G3 to the computer doctors at Funan (land of many computer shops). Couldn't help but ask the prices of new computers and am trying to figure out what to do if this one is dead :0 Perhaps we'll move to laptops and buy one each? a G4 and an ibook? maybe (Simon thinks it 's a waste and says that mine should last longer than it has
( it is 4 years old). So we get the diagnosis on Wednesday.
Next we decided to visit Bras Basah. A complex dedicated to art supply stores. I whipped out my camera and made a photostory of our trip.
Bugis Junction, next stop. Simon wanted to look at a model shop and me? Well I can always shop :) I noticed that Austin Powers "Goldmember" was playing at 5.30 (it was 5.30 exactly) so on the spur of the moment we bought tickets. Haven't been to a movie for ages, we both really enjoyed it. Lots of belly laughging triggered initially by "preparation H".(If you haven't seen it go!)
Anyway, now back at home and have uploaded my new shots and am now going to get some dinner :)
A heavy week is expected this week with lots of meetings and presentations and then off to Sydney on Thursday night for the National Day long weekend.

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Check the latest photos page link on the right :) new shots updated including some footage ( sorry may take a while to download) of the comedy night I went to on Friday...

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Simon just received some pics from his stay in Lombok. A few weekends ago he went surfing alone and was lucky enough to be asked to participate in a tradional Sasak wedding, one of the couples took some photos and here they are.

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Sunday night, dinner in Tamarama with Ed and Olivia.
Great food, great conversation ( we were talking endlessly about movies and I took lots of little films if you feel you'd like to have been there) hair on fire story, SEVEN, "Nil by Mouth.
Otherwise there are shots of course....

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