- Saturday, September 28, 2002

Nostaligic today.

Remember the good old days. No faxes, no meetings, no computer crashes, no working on the weekend.

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What a week from hell!
So much to do and stupid people trying to run things ( so yes I am venting!)

Can't quite believe I was even in Bali last weekend... seems like aeons ago.
This week? I have uploaded 2 new months of "jens" check the "wearing" link. Obsessive? maybe... but a project I have been planning to do for years but never quite got my ass in gear until now. I plan to do this for years so I can have a chuckle at my dress sense in times to come.
Unfortunately have to work ALL weekend on a multitude of projects! Maybe I'll fit a massage in to make myself feel human again. I am currently on the "batey" weight loss programme (unintentionally) and now weigh less than I did at 16! ( and none of my clothes quite fit........)


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- Wednesday, September 25, 2002
Bali - a cocktail party, a wedding, far away friends, babies, sunshine, swimming, romance, love and for Simon - surfing!

All my shots are now uploaded. Enjoy!

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- Tuesday, September 24, 2002
Three new Mirror project shots up today from my travels in Bali. :)
I am addicted.

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Ok, so I couldn't help myself.. .here are some of the first shots of the wedding ( there are 100's more!). It was very beautiful. A "dress in white stipulation" made everything look so lovely. See for yourself :)

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Just flew in from 4 days in Bali ( for the 3rd time since Xmas!) Had a wedding to attend that was to be visited by many of ur friends from all corners f the globe ( mainly The US and Australia). Luckily scored a Business Class upgrade so I had plenty of leg room. As usual I also took hundreds of images and will spend the next few late nights getting them all sorted out and will add them to my ramblings here, for you to peruse. The bride ( Melissa Arden Wong now Bailey Wong) looked stunning, the Groom ( Luke Bailey and now Bailey Wong) was gorgeous, the location breathtaking ( Villas Atas Ombak at Kerebokan). Thursday morning was a nightmare at work... so muvch to do and absolutley no time to do any of it. I literally ran out the door leaving Tim holding the "baby". He even had to brief the incoming freelancer as she couldn't come before I was mid air on my way to the beach. Arrived at 7pm on Thursday night, couldn't find a soul and then proceded out to Hu'u. one of our favorite Bali drinking holes. We really expected that we would run into someone we knew there and chose this bar specifically as we knew we would be attending a cocktail party of Ku de Ta on the Friday night. Oddly there was noone around at all... So 3 Cosmopolitans later ready to roll into bed we were surpried by a call from Chardean asking us where we were and telling us to perhaps join them at Ku de ta for the cocktail party (which had just finished!) Nigel had told us the wromg date! Oh well... Arrived in time to see many of our long lost friends and had a good catch up. Bed at 2am.... then Sime was up at the crack of dawn itching for a surf. Breakfast at 7.30 supplied by our villa ( banana pancakes), the he was off with Ed to ride some waves. Me? Back to bed to enjoy my book and an hour later out in the sunto top up the tan, get rid of the marks and continue doing more of the same... ( I finished that book in 3 hours!) Simon vback and we jumped in a cab to have lunch at Ed and Olivias villa... only the cabbie couldnt find it ."its 10 minutes away", Ed had said. Bu the cabbie asked at least 7 shops for direction on the 40 minute trip. It was all worth it though... what a lovely villa! Serene, sumptuous, rice paddy views and infinity pool mmmm.

Spent the afternoon with Ed, Olivia, Matt, Ainsley, Jack and out two young friends Pablo and Sebastian. And now I have hundreds of baby photos too...

Enough for tomight. There will be photos to help tell this story from tomorrow ( and the next day and the next :)

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- Tuesday, September 17, 2002
Monday night and a few tourist attractions to take the guests to. First stop Raffles Long Bar for an obligatory Singapore Sling and many peanuts. The shells are discarded o the floor and never swept up. Next in cabs and out to The East Coast Seafood Centre. A 20 minute journey but well worth it for the seaside vista and best Chilli and Pepper Crabs in Singapore. We ate so much food and consumed rather a lot of wine for a school night but surprisingly I am A OK today :)

Lunch with Nige and Chardean today at a Chinatown Hawker centre and then they were off for Bali.... we'll see them again on Thursday night.

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- Monday, September 16, 2002
Finally its the weekend. And busy one it was. Saturday got up late, read for a while after a lovely breakfast in bed, then off to the supermarket to buy suplies for the BBQ we had on Sunday. Worked for a while in the afternoon, checking the soundtrack in development for a new TVC at Song Zu. That night I was the consumate housewife, cooking up a storm for the BBQ. A roast Veggie salad with Beetroot, Pumpkin and Potatoes, a sweet potato Frittata, and a green salad just to name a few. Very late that night Nigel and Chardean arrived to stay from NYC, enroute to a wedding in Bali. A few tired wines later we all crashed. Up at 8 to cook and prepare again, I was out the door at 9.45 to work yet again. Racing home to help set up the feats an hour and a half later saw us making endless trips from our appartment to the "poolside BBQ area".

A lovely afternoon of feasting, drinking, chatting and swimming was had by all. Basically an 11 hour BBQ with beautiful weather all around and endless entertainment from the 2 provided babies, Georgie and Lily, who were passed around endlessly much to the joy of their respective mothers.

Home finally, to pack the dishwasher and crash.... and now.... another hugely busy day at work. Here begins another week!

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- Friday, September 13, 2002
YUM now I'm home, Oysters (natural), A bottle of Cape Mentelle, Tempura tuna with wasabi and lemon tart for dessert.
Most excellent. First time we have eaten out for weeks. Now time to sloth in front of the TV.
Preparing for the weekend

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Home at last :) What a week again. Seems the weekend will also be a hive of activity esp for my writer, Tim. The lovely Simon is taking me for dinner now, to One Fllerton. Probably Pierside mmmmm. A Martini on the water might just do the trick. Tomorrow? hpopefully sunshine will mean I can read by the pool. Then work at 3pm to approve the soundtrack for a TVC. Nigel and Chardean arrive late tomorrow evening from NYC enroute to Bali for Mel and Luke's wedding. We will also be off to Bali next Thursday. Sunday BBQ in the pool area, a great chance to catch up with friends we haven't seen for ages.

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Just uploaded the first of my "daily jens". A project I have talked about for years now but only strted to realise in May of this year. Working backwards I have started with August. Click on the "wearing link" on the right to see what I wore for every day of August 2002.

be ready for May, June and July any day now :)

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- Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Sunday came and went in a grey haze...rain all day nothing on TV got lots of work done on the site.....well some..waiting for pics, logos and info :)
My computer is behaving weirdly. I have to type very slowly or I get a whole lot of gibberish. For example what does this say?
(example A) Toady was super bus atorceaan Iws wokgon eaagn,but lis ell and I will be presenting it tomorrow ( at 7.30 AM!!!!!!)
Looks like welsh doesn't it :) It says, for anyone who cares, Today was super busy at work, lots of meetings and I was working on the campaign, but all is well and I will be presenting it tomorrow. Was one of the "highlighted top 10" in the mirrorproject newsletter for this month with this shot (one of my favorites too)
Still have to update my "jen wear"project so I can get it online, and am currently having issues with teaching mysel DHTML for use as scrolling text on my home page... thats why it looks weird.
Finished work late... well NOW! and now I must sleep... must get up at 6 ! :(

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- Sunday, September 08, 2002
After a very glazed Friday (my meeting was postponed after all that work too!) I went home and was asleep in bed by 8.30pm. I woke this morning at 10.30, 14 hours later, much more rested (of course) but still tired. A few chores later, the supermarket, etc, I went to sit by the pool for a bit. Reading a new novel, "Cock and Bull" by Will Self so far its a very interesting read ( he is a very "descriptive" writer)
Tonight I spent a few hours on a site for my friends new short flm "Brown is the new Black". Tomorrow I aim to get the design nailed. Time for bed. Hope it is sunny again tomorrow so I can enhance my new strap marks from today *rolls eyes* :)

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- Friday, September 06, 2002
Yes it is 4 am ( well nearly) and I am still at work finishing something off for tomorrow. Actually I might have been here less time if the comuter hadn't been crashing every few moments but thems the breaks.

Have been meaning to write about my Malacca Trip with Simon last weekend. Was great (although the bus trip was rather primative but a good experience to have ...once) I took hundreds of photos as usual and they are all posted on my boxershots page at the right but if you can't find them there simply click on the dates for last weekend . Best part of the weekend? Well two things really. 1) it was Merdeka Day , the Malaysian National Day when they celebrate their independence, so there were parades etc but we visited the Independence Memorial and learned about all the conflicts and resolutions over the last 50 years. I remembered that my father had fought in "Malaya" as it was then called during his National service in the late fifties so I called him and we talked about it.. He was actually stationed not far from where we were, and then I found his regiment on one of the boards in the museum. 2) Seafood at Portuguese Square, overlooking the ocean.

This weekend? swimming in the pool and making a website for my friends Jo and Ganesh.

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