- Friday, November 29, 2002

old friends - found again. Nikki, Marina and Jen - 1999 (I think)

Today I got an email from an old friend I had been thinking a lot about, especially recently.

Perhaps its because its almost 2 years since I last saw her, perhaps because its getting closer to Christmas and I was thinking about life at their house now that they have an "almost" 2 year old, and Christmas is a time for families.. and children.

So an email out of the blue was wonderful. Isn't it especially lovely that even when you have been the worst friend (no contact etc) for ages you can slip back into a very special friendship like there was no time lapse at all. Merry Christmas Marina, David and Jacob :)

new: I am taking part in a photoshop tennis match.....This is my first time so don't judge too harshly and keep an eye out for daily updates.
site of the day: Looking for beautiful yet inexpensive art/gifts for all your friends?
jon ponderis drawing 100 illustrations in the week post Xmas and selling them all for only $1 each.
create your own city. Comes complete with snow for season's greetings. Yes I know I posted this before :)
computerlove design contest results.
wish I was there:
sculpture by the sea - Bondi. Beautiful images of all the amazing 2002 sculptures adoring the walk from Bondi to Bronte in Sydney
bloggers: A few blogger sites I've recently started to read regularly
big pink cookie. Christine, founder of picture yourself has just recently hit 500 entires in only 2 months of operation (and oddy enough I haven't posted even yet!)
The date project, soon to be taken down but a great read... follow this mans search for love
The big list. Lists, upon lists - try to add your own :).
travel: Korea was postponed to next week so I had an extra day or two with Simon. He's of to the porn party (saatchis Xmas party) in Penang, complete with
Tshirts I designed for him bearing his pornstar name (your first pets name and your mother's maiden name) .After Korea we jet off to Shanghai for a long weekend.
diaryupdates: Mum's birthday coming up on the 12th of December.

blatent plug: or call to action...Please put yourself on my
guestmap... there are only 3 of us there at the moment and I want to see more of my friends there.

Oh and then there is the
boxerboard ready and waiting for your comments. [Thanks Kristy]

Now do I sound deserate enough for your comments?

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- Tuesday, November 26, 2002
a new mirror shot up today

And I'm working from home again.

Oh and thanks to Alex and Andy for my head :)

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- Monday, November 25, 2002
eek.... for some reason I accidentally BOLDED EVERYTHING... and I don't know how!

I neeed to turn it off ASAP!

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So this is what happens when you scan your face :)

Now all I need is a much larger scanner.

Not many days left till World Aids day. I hugely recommend anyone who has a weblog taking part in link and think.

Was spending some time yesterday making a boxercox Xmas card, so if you want to get one join my notify list now.

I also attempted to fix the broken links in some areas of my site. ( Some will remain broken because there is no page there yet but others like the heavy duty links page should be fine.)

If you find something that doesn't work, please leave me a note in either my tagboard, my guestbook or email me.

I added some images to some of the Mirror Project Themes pages
tv stars, art, holding their own

There are also some great new themes up:
snapping on the job
around the globe

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- Sunday, November 24, 2002
Oh and I just noticed the lovely Kristal has also linked me up :) thankyou. I enjoy her blog too ( and can't wait to discover her news). For many of the exact same reasons.

The web is so powerful, so thought provoking.

I often sit, especially at night and look out at the many lighted windows I can see from my apartment. Inside each there is life, each person is doing whatever it is they do, living their life their way, dreaming their dreams, wishing for some things they missed or revelling on some of the the things that they have and enjoy the most. All are people with loves and hates and goals and desires, all just like me, yet all of us are different. And these are just the windows I can see. Across the world there are billions of people thinking, feeling, wishing and dreaming. working and playing every moment of the day 24/7.
I love knowing that they are there. I love being able to know a little about some of them. It makes me feel more a part of the world. It makes me realise that although we are all unique, different in our lifestyles and cultures, we are all fundamentally the same..... human.

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I just got an email from Randy. He linked me up because he found my mood-o-meter :)
It seems he's a fellow
mirror project afficionado. There are so many of us :)

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Some webjunkie stuff.
Theres no end to the new bits of code you can find on the web to implement on your site.

I have just added a new "tag board" ( see... theres a new link on the right hand column) You can leave little tag notes here. (try it and see :) Now if only I could find a way to add comments to my postings. Somehow I don't think Blogger supports this (oh well). One day I'll try to see if I have the patience to change over to Movable type.... but that might be too painful for now.

I also found a couple of very interesting sites [via
Rannie] recommended reading a site that lists other sites that might interest you based on your own sites content and refer a tool to implement so you can see who is visiting. Now all I need is a mySQL server :)

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- Saturday, November 23, 2002
If you do visit me, please take a few moments to add yourself to my guestmap.

See the link in the right hand column or click here.
I want to pin point all my friends :)
Oh, and drop me a note.

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- Friday, November 22, 2002

300 exposures - todays featured photographer

Rannie's Photojunkie site features a collection of images called 300 exposures. He uploads a gallery of 10 shots by a photoblogger each day for 30 days. Today mine are on display.

new: great new tshirts...
now how many can I buy?
site of the day:
the killer. An online animated comic, beautifully created with a new episode out every 2 weeks.
create your own city. Comes complete with snow for season's greetings.
sisters 60's summer, a gorgeous collection if photographs of the Nylin sisters (Jane, Lynne, Laurie and Claudia). Their friend Katy and the dog, on summer vacation in Florida in the 60's. (a beautifully designed site too!).
the foot project.Yet another online project to take part in.
bloggers: A few blogger sites I've recently started to read regularly
harrumph, Heather, creator of the Mirror Project, my first stop daily. rion, beautiful galleries of shots. kristy, mother of , New Mexico, hweeling, Singapore girl and fellow mirror project afficionado.
travel: Simon is off to Korea next week for work, then to Penang for the office Xmas party so NO SIMON FOR ME NEXT WEEK :( When he gets back we jet off to Shanghai for a long weekend.
diaryupdates: Mum's birthday coming up on the 12th of December.

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- Tuesday, November 19, 2002

tim - my long lost partner at work

Just realised how much more interesting my blog is when it has pictures, so here is one of Tim, my partner at work until recently. I miss him!

Some points of clarification I need to make.

Saatchi's didn't really burn down (don't worry family!). There was a fire but it affected only the server room. This of course isn't at all good for Saatchis as right now they are trying to operate without email, faxes or any of those other server operated mod cons. Simon however is fine (luckily we have a computer at home he can take advantage of). The staff were all evacuated (= day off for most of them) and there was quite a bit of water damage after the firemen had done thier thing.

jenwear - no I don't have a really huge wardrobe. A pretty big one.. but I'm Ok at the mixing and matching thing... and yes I know its weird, odd and funny Anna!

Today my laptop died again at work... The same one that was fixed only just last week :(

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- Monday, November 18, 2002
What Madonna Song are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

You are POWER OF GOODBYE..... You're sappy and sentimental, but very observant of human behavior. You're logical, but your heart takes over your head sometimes. Take some advice, go have a holiday and cheer up!

And oddly enough... I have never heard of this song... ever
Try it for yourself :)

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- Sunday, November 17, 2002

hong kong mirror project submissions

they are uploaded now
1, 2, 3

and Happy Birthday! Hope the Party is going well!

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I uploaded 3 new mirrors at the mirror project but none have come up yet, here are my HK mirrors anyhow

After a completely crazy and late night at work I finally got home and Simon had set up the video recorder in the spare room. Sounds like a simple thing I know but after over a year and a half here with no working VCR it was a biggish deal. We settled into the fold out sofa bed and watched "BIG WEDNESDAY" yes... you might say "jen watching a whole surfing movie with no complaints" but it was cool because at least it had a story line... and in fact I bought it for Simon a year ago and was never yet able to watch it.

Today? up late, a swim ( without wetting my newly treatmented and unwashable hair) then off to the supermarket.

I had laden the trolley to capacity when I realised I was sans wallet. So I abandoned "said" trolley and took a taxi home, only to find a lack of wallet where I thought I had left it. Simon had inadvertantly taken my wallet thinking it was his ( well they are identical) so next taxi stop was at Simon's office. Then finally back to the supermarket to retrieve my shopping and continue towards supermarket completion for the next month.

I bought EVERYTHING and scary amounts of money later I was on my way. I then decided that some Xmas shopping was in order but have come to realise a scary scary thing... SINGAPORE HAS RUINED SHOPPING FOR ME. I cannot shop any more. I had a holiday in HK last week and bought NOTHING... and now with Xmas looming I just cannot shop!

Simon must be so pleased :)

Tonight after watching "40 days and 40 nights" on vcd and cooking dinner for Smitty and Simon I find myself post 2 surf videos in the study typing away whilst they watch Apocalypse Now "redux" Such a boy movie - and one I've seen 6 times already :)

I do have work to do..and also fun things I WANT to do but unfortunately 4 glases of Merlot later and a touch of the flu mean I have to go to bed........ till tomorrow

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- Thursday, November 14, 2002
I was going to write a long witty story about my adventures in Hong Kong, but since I have downloaded them all, my shots seem to do a better job all by themselves. Of course if you were wondering about anything and have a penchant to know more ( like "who is Zen man?" for instance) email away or drop me a note in my guestbook and I'll be more than happy to give you the scoop.

Work is manic as usual, just taking this 5 minutes out makes me feel a little guilty, but I am about to pack up the laptop and take it home to continue on for the night.

Finally got an SMS from Anna and it seems she's packed it in.. enough Hong Kong adventure for now... back to the big smoke (or rather less smoke then HK) of Sydney.

Caught up with long lost Sarah last night for a few Voddies and some chicken rice. Was great to have a good chat again.

Babysitting the Eldridge/Town children this weekend ( Butch and Vincent).. both children of the furry variety.

Oh and Saatchis "burned down" here yesterday! Simon?????

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- Tuesday, November 12, 2002

a chinatown corner

Back from Hong Kong and still haven't reported to you on all the ins and outs yet. ( all I can say is I LOVE HONG KONG!) As I get around to downloading my shots tonight all will be revealed. But for now... all I can say is I left Anna behind. She decided to stay and so far I haven't heard from her as to what she has gotten up to... Hopefully more will be revealed tomorrow!

new: Design Marathon made a mistake.... I came equal tenth :)How exciting...WOW and I even win a prize!
site of the day:
loop land. lovely illustration site
name that beard..
normand robert - a photographer.
diary updates: Nothing now till we visit Shanghai in December, Oh and Happy birthday to a couple of my pals this week... One on Wednesday (Little Lib is a huge 30!) and another one on Saturday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCORPIOS :).

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- Saturday, November 09, 2002
Hong Kong Day three.
Up late today and there is BIG Haze. And for some reason I have a really itvchy eye... must be something to do with the smog. After a slow sart we are sitting in a grrovy little cafe on Hennessy Road in Admiralty pondering whether to go to Stan;ey, Aberdeen and Repulse Bay... We will soon I think.

Last night we hit the "Fong". What a cool little street. I felt like I was in Soho in London in the middle of Summer (much helped by the plethora of English Lads), except it was hilly, sunny and everyone was smiling. A few beers stamnding on the street and a bit of singing along to the likes of "meatloaf" - Paradise by the dashboard light and other such scary favorites, a yummy dinner at Post 97 bar and then home to bed late.

Poor Anna is dying of the flu! :(

Yesterday was spent combing the streeets of Kowloon. Nathan Road, Temple Street Markets and the Jade markets. Anna bought a Red Book and I bought some Dominoes. Took loads of pictures again, many of poor "dying" or soon to be dying animals in the street markets. Fish gasping for breath, chickens and my new mission... SAVE THE TURTLES!

One more night tonight and we'll be searching for Peking Duck! MMMMMM and then we plan to hit Soho.. few more drinks and a bit more of people watching.

Now to set offf for today!

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- Friday, November 08, 2002
Goodafternoon from Sunny Hong Kong!

The weather is gorgeous, the city is stunning and I am sitting at the top of the Peak with it all laid out in front of me.
Anna and I are having a lovely time, shopping, chatting and taking loads of pictures.
Off to Kowloon this afternoon. More reports tomorrow

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- Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Deepavali - celebrating the light

Busy busy busy as usual! Was lovely to have a 3 day weekend though even though most of it was filled to the brim with work and long distance phone calls to the offices overseas!

new: Design Marathon is over and here are the winners and no... I'm not one of them!
site of the day:
sfaustina. Very David Carson, cool offline style (from k10k)
jen is.... Try your name!
stolen shirts. I am coveting at least 4 of these... now if only they made them ALL in girls sizes.
boxershots: Celebrated
Deepavali at Jo and Ganesh's on Sunday.
diary updates: Ben left! (he's now happily in Albania)
travel: Leaving tomorrow night for a chicks weekend in Hong Kong with Anna, who has been busy working in Shanghai on The Great Raid A new film featuring Josph Fiennes and Ben Bratt (and many more spunks too!)

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- Monday, November 04, 2002
Happy Deepavali!

The festival of light. Today we celebrated Deepavali at Jo and Ganeshes' home. Dressed in our best Punjabi suits we at in the sun with friends and enjoyed the day (and a chardonnay or 10). A brilliant day :) and tomorrow? A public holiday. Unfortunately yesterday marred the running of the Cox Cup so it has been tentatively re scheduled for tomorrow. Lets hope the rain holds out.

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