- Thursday, December 26, 2002
Merry Christmas!

So here I am in Adelaide. I'm suffering from computer withdrawal symptoms. I didn't bring my mac!!! What jen - not online!!!! eek how very strange! So no pics to post (yet) no links to add (yet).

You'll have to suffice with my verbal banter.

Christmas has so far been lovely. A 6 hour (door to door) stoppover inSydney gave us time to catch up with Simon's family for a lovely lunch by the beach in Bondi. (mmmmm Oysters)

We all switched gifts and then rushed back to the airport for our connecting flight to Adelaide.
On arrival the promised 38+ degrees has proven to be a furphy (is that how you spell it?) Cold for us I wrapped up in any warm clothing I could find in my sisters old room and went to bed with 3 blankets on.

Yesterday got up early and went to curch with the clan. Mum, Dad, me, Simon, Lib, and Mark and we sang the usual Xmas carols and herad the story of the birth again.

Was nice to catch up withsome old friends afterwards. People you only see at Xmas whenthey too go home to isit their families and spend that morning at church. So many of them have kids now!

Lib and I helped to cook all the "veggies" and lunch was served at 1.30. We paused in the middle to open the plethora of gifts that sat under the tree... we were all so spoiled.

Simon gave me a new tri band mobile phone and a gorgeous Tiffany ring!

Today Lib and I visited with Emma ( who is back from London) and then headed to the sales.... only to find al the shops shut! Dammit. Simon is at the beach with Richo and the other Simon... so now I have ot go shopping another day. (maybe tomorrow!)

Tonight we are taking the folks out for dinner and then maybe w'll pop "out" for a while. There is a "return to the Metro" party... and Metro was one of my favorite House/hip hop clubs from my misspent youth!

Must go. Going to join my sis and Mum and the dog on a stroll down the beach.

Happy New Years!

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- Thursday, December 19, 2002

christmas lunch with cindy, jude and digby

Sorry its been so long since my last post. (oops that sounded like a confession!)
I have been really busy at work and frankly just a little tired! That said I have had a couple of lovely lunches this week. One to farewell the lovely suzie from the office and today a bit of a Christmas get together with some other colleagues. Delicious food and excellent company too.

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site of the day: for my "peanutty" -
Snowglobe Simon.
boxershots: I tried a slightly new look (well I did say slightly) the other night nad I have added the ability to
look at the galleries by name instead of dates too... check them out :)
tshirts: Time is running out for some of my tshirts to be printed
new projects:I am participating in a few new projects at the moment. Firstly
teeshirtshow , an exhibition to be opened in Melbourne in February, and trying to design a cover for urban collective magazine's latest issue. The theme is street art.
diaryupdates: Now its Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary on the 19th. 38 years WOW.

blatent plug: or call to action...Please put yourself on my
guestmap... Now I have decided to thank the new listers.. Thanks Jenn and Dawn :)

tired... bed calls... but perhaps first a few more cards :)

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- Saturday, December 14, 2002

sightseeing with little brother Ben

I've got the flu :(

But I can't sleep. I missed the new Dr Inkbeer party (Simon went as my rep), so I have now fixed a whole lot of my broken links in lieu of tossing and turning.

Now the links section works (try some out). There are more finished bits ( well there is something there now... rather than nothing:) in the projects section. I have updated my title bars, and I uploaded a gallery of images from when Ben came to stay on October 27th. You can even check out my images by name now .

Time for bed :)

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- Thursday, December 12, 2002
So what is my big news you may well ask?

Actually my pal Hugh was the only one who did. So perhaps he's the only person reading this (hello Hugh). Some of you will already know. I have decided its high time I did the travelling I never did a school leaver all those 16 years ago. So letter in hand after having purchased my ticket I went in to my employers to tell tham I will be going away for three months next year. I will leave at the beginning of Februry with a "Round the World" ticket. Ostensibly I'm travelling alone, but I will be spending a little time (around the time of our 5th wedding anniversary) in Chamonix, with Simon in March. Why am I going alone?
1) The trip I need /want to do is one that he experienced when he was young.
2) I am not aiming to go anywhere you can surf or ski
3) Someone has to work ( Jen : "YES Simon I put that in" :)
4) He gets sick of wandering around behind me while I take pictures of numbers.

I will miss him terribly.
But I am also so excited about the trip though, and at the same time quite terrified.
I will be coming back.
I am hoping to catch up with lots of friends along the way too so I won't get tired of spending entire days NOT TALKING TO ANYONE.

Over the next few weeks I'll upload my travel plans and a map of where I am going.
I am looking so forward to the travelogue I aim to complete while I am away.

so that's it.... BIG? Yes?

boxershirts - xmas tee

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lovely: beautiful photography on
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site of the day: I recently spoke about area 2010 exhibition, now check out one of the gurus
- Mr Jago.
xmas gift inspiration:
I'm friends with you. See for yourself :)
mirror project: As usual i have way too many pics to upload. Here are 3 that I took when Ben was here staying with us:
the teapot, Gucci, and G.
boxershots: in case you missed it, I uploaded shots from our
shanghai trip yesterday.
tshirts: Time is running out for some of my tshirts to be printed
travel: We leave for Sydney (and Adelaide) on the 23rd. I can't believe Xmas is so close and I have done NO Xmas shopping.
diaryupdates: Now its Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary on the 19th. 38 years WOW.

blatent plug: or call to action...Please put yourself on my
guestmap... The numbers are growing but I know you are out there :) ( need I name names? :)

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Happy Birthday Mum!

Today is my mother's birthday and not one of us "kids" is there to spend it with her. It must be strange having brought 5 very different children into the world, where they take over every aspect of your life making it so very altered from "life before". Now to be given back that life must be a little odd. ( well it has been 33 years).

Mum I'm glad you are having a lovely day, Hope the evening is also full of laughter and that Dad and Winnie are spoiling you rotten. The festival of Barbara can continue when we arrive on Xmas eve, and then it will be our turn.

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- Wednesday, December 11, 2002
I have just uploaded 2 galleries. Stories to follow later.

5/12/02 - The Batey 30th Anniversary party

6/12/02 - Shanghai

click here

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- Thursday, December 05, 2002

Life is crazy and sleepless at the moment. Gearing up for the "holiday season" always makes people need holidays more than ever before I think.

Work is humungous but thankfully I am off with the lovely Simon for a long weekend in Shanghai ( more real China after dabbling in HK). Simon must be exhausted too.. he literally flew in at midnight last night, and we need to be at the airport again at 5 am tomorrow.

What else is happening? Well I do have some big news, but to do it justice I'll tell you all next week. (No I'm not pregnant :)

holiday cheer:To get you into the holiday mood here are a couple of gorgeous advent calendars I found with the help of heather and k10k. The first one is by Leslie from Hoopla, the next is tibbi + beens Christmas cute and mad :)

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- Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Xmas on the Equator

Driving home in cab tonight we stopped at the lights and I watched the men setting up the decorations outside a shopping centre.
All shopping centres in Singapore decorate themselves outrageously for Xmas, (perhaps I'll do a study for you in the next few days), and nearly all seem to feature alpine locations with amazing amounts of snow. Singapore IS on the equator!

The gentlemen were painstakingly painting the "snow" with rollers as I sat in the airconditioned comfort of my ride. It was 32 degrees outside with at least a 40% humidity level. You can but smile at the insanity.

new: the latest piece by my oponent in my photoshop tennis match.....so far its OK... just hard to find the time... and ideas can get quite stale quite fast
site of the day: If you live in the inner city of Sydney (my old Stomping ground) you should check out
area 2010 my old postcode, for the Sony Erikson outdoor art space gallery.
workspaces:. See where we all work, sleep, play, dream. Submit your own workspace here.
wulffmorgenthaler, the sickest cartoons ever.. and the daily comics contributor to k10k, this is his personal and mad site.
wish I did it:
amazing illustrations in a profile on designiskinky
bloggers: A few blogger sites I've recently started to read regularly
Min Jung Kim - Found through Photojunkie.org :), then you discover, still pixels. Looks like they have a cat just llike mine.
travel: Simon flew out tonight after flying in yesterday. He'll be gone till Thursday then Friday is Shanghai... I can't wait.
diaryupdates: Mum's birthday coming up on the 12th of December and I've been reminding you al for days and done nothing yet myself!!!

blatent plug: or call to action...Please put yourself on my
guestmap... The numbers are growing but I know you are out there :) ( need I name names? :)

Oh and then there is the
boxerboard ready and waiting for your comments. This seems to be working OK now so post away :)

And then there are the tshirts.. I have 10 votes so far but I need more before I waste good money... a penny for your thoughts?

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Xmas on the Equator

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- Sunday, December 01, 2002
It is World Aids day today. Think abut what that means to you, to your family, to friends you might have made affected by Aids. Do you have a story?

please visit these sites:
artists against aids
artists with aids
artists about aids

spread the word...
world aids day

As promised I said I was going to create a poll. I designed some tshirts.. now I just want to know if any are printworthy.
vote for your favorite design

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