- Wednesday, January 29, 2003

eating and drinking

The last few days has been all about eating and drinking. A leaving lunch from work, a farewell sunday brunch with friends and 2 dinner parties at home.

Now its all about quality time with my two boys, Simon and Relli. (mixed in with a little packing and panicking)

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- Thursday, January 23, 2003

practicing Mahjong again, in readiness for Chinese New Year

Finally I played Mahjong again with the girls last week. Despite all their "lucky accessories (clothes, coins, beads etc) I still managed to clean up. Must be like riding a bicycle :)

I work in Chinatown and the decorations are going up, the buzz is in the air. Aiming to take some shots today at lunchtime.

todays links:
cool: A lovely Flash sketchpad ... draw a picture and send it to a friend. [from k10k]

cool 2: Or if you can't draw, build youself a by
Flash Face .

shameless plug: Ever need to access the Internet when you are travelling? But don't have an ISP?
Try Iberpass..I've used them a number of times and they are good. And they have local server access EVERYWHERE. Currently they are running a recommendation programme. If you try it or sign up, put me in as your referrer jen@iberpass.com and then I;'ll get more credits to use on my trip.

don't forget: Put in your nominations for
the Photobloggies. Only 2 days left.

travel link: another cool resource for travellers is
virtual tourist]. Recommendations, notes and stories from real travlleres aout their real experiences.

diaryupdates: 2 more days of work to go... DID I METION I:M DYING OF TH FLU :(

Also its getting to be the last chance for you to request passwords for my travelogue.
Email me if you want to know more.

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- Tuesday, January 21, 2003

The celebration of Thaipusam - 17th to the 19th of January

The most dramatic Indian festival is Thaipusam. Devotees go through a strict and careful spiritual preparation before embarking on a ritual journey of penitential selfmutilation. They pierce their bodies with metal hooks supporting heavy structures called kavadis decorated with peacock feathers and offerings. In their tranced state, not a drop of blood is shed as they process from the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Serangoon Road to the Sri Thandayuthapani Temple in Tank Road (in front of our apartment building).

For me it's wonderful to see such true belief in a people's culture and religion. The festival is celebrated by both young and old. The music is rigorous and full of elation. The colours are vibrant and exotic. The joy and elation is immense. The passion and belief is unswaying. As an Australian, it makes me feel part of a very "wishy washy" culture.
Glen and Aaron, an old friend, working in singapore whose site I just discovered here by accident, also celebrate with words and pictures.

todays links:
mad: Imagine riding a bicycle across the US? Hmmm I find it hard to ride to the 7-11
This guy did it... [courtesy of DIK mugshots]

awesome photography: "girl power" by
Lauren Greenfield

worthy: Add your eyes for a good cause to
the Lighthouse for the blind. For each contribution to the "Eyes" Project, a donation will be made to "The Lighthouse for the Blind" in the name of "Eyes Around the Web". These donations will be made monthly for each set of eyes contributed,
and will be through the international branch of The Lighthouse.

illustrative genius: Look at the low fi excellence that is
retard riot. Illustrations with a slight political bent from Noah Lyons.

I need to know more: found today by accident following a posting on k10k [a link from
buzzard] I came across boxer cafe. Where is it? What is it? I want to go there... (what language is this site in???)

diaryupdates: 13 days to go.

try and try again : Please put yourself on my

Also its getting to be the last chance for you to request passwords for my travelogue. Email me if you want to know more.

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- Thursday, January 16, 2003

Jumbo for dinner, with the gang

I have finally done it.

What exactly? Made the shift from OS 9 to OS X. Not that I have used it much yet... but its all set up and configured.
At first I was scared, nay terrifed. It all looked weird, and blurry... but I am slowly getting a bit more used to it.

Trip plans are coming along well and I finaly have a finished itinerary. I leave on the 3rd for Old Blighty.
The trip site is also coming along well. Do you want to have a look? Well It's password protected for my own protection so please send me an email to request access (at jen@boxercox.com) and I'll consider your case :)

Not much else to report but some cool new links

my link suggestions:
fun: Ever wondered what you would be called if you were a Hobbit? An Elf? A Dwarf? or even an Orc?Try the Middle Earth Name Generator
My names are in order, Hobbit: Rowan Cotton from Haysend, Elf: Luinëhithwen, Dwarf: Brór Bloodlegs, Orc: Gâbgob the Looter

site of the day: In the spirit of my travels here is a beautiful site dedicated to
The lost art of luggage labels!

beautiful: Gorgeous illustrations and things to buy at
milky elephant

blogger bits: Don't forget to vote in the
PhotoBloggies (and Vote for me!!!!). I'll be voting for Heather, Dawn, and of course Rannie, amongst others.. but so will everyone else. Oh and the best photomeme is definitely still the Mirror Project

diaryupdates: 19 days to go... eek and aargh!

last ditch effort: Please put yourself on my

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- Monday, January 13, 2003

wow, imagine walking up to that flat!

Time is slipping by so fast!. I can't quite get over all the things I hope to achieve before I set off on my trip.
The weekend was one full of a Saturday of chores and a sunday of self maintenence. Supermarket shopping, visiting the airline to check on travel insurance. genrally running around all day! but we capped the night off with a lovely dinner at the new Jumbo (yes twice in a week) with andy, sharon, chaz, marina and lucinda. 2 out fo three girls are on the way to becoming pregnant so the rest of us made up for their alcohol intake... and sadly we suffered badly the next day. The end of the night saw us bumping into our fello belluvueits in the bar beside the restaurant ( which was lovely as its been ages since we saw any of them). One wedding is set for July in Jasper Canada, the other for June in Athens. Strangely enough it is the exct week after my brother's in Albania, so we may also be able to attend that one. How amazing! A greek wedding, the groom is Greek/English, the bride a beauitful Spanish girl. I hope we can make it.
Yesterday I went to do some desperatly required hair maintenance. After a year and a half the rebonded, straight thing was only eft in the ends. Time to get the roots tortured. 4 hours later I have walked out with dead staright hair again. And rules too!
All of these are had for me not to do.. so here goes a week of my hair in my face. (pictures soon!) Its a amzing what us women put our selves through! Next week I have to go back so they can "check my hair", have a "treatment and a trim" and then the wek after a semi permanent colour to hide the grey bits! Now that makes me sound ancient, but I have had greey bits since I was 19 and in dark hair they look like beacons. If only they all appeared in some sort of section, then I could have a groovy grey streak, but no... they like to be very random and salt and pepperish.

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- Saturday, January 11, 2003

the 10th of january - 4 weeks to go

To those who have visited lately, firstly thankyou for putting up with my absence and my testing of the new comments addition I have made.

Oddly I can't seem to make the font the same as the rest of the blog (and yes I am using CSS) but at least its there. so if you want to make a comment on any of my rambling please click on the link at the end of this banter.

So what have i been doing lately? Actually I have been off work for a couple of days suffering with a bit of a gastric problem capped off with a 2 day headache. Nothing I can do except rest and eat the right things and keep comfortable. Luckily for work though the concept of the internet maeks it somewhat more easy to be able to do bits from home and send them on in.

The trip is looming fast and I am really not ready at all. Tomorrow I head to the travel agent to change my itinerary yet again! I have decided to wing it though and see where I end up accomodation wise. For anyone who really knows me they would know that that's not me at all :)

I am also building a little site to follow my travels. It will show you all my destinations, my galeries of shots and I am starting a travelblog too. Don't worry, I won't neglect tis one, but here I will be more likely to add my listings of what I have found and pointing you to my other one for a couple of moonths whilst I traipse around the globe.

The Mirror project posted my most recent shots this week too. click here for the last three. It is my goal on my trip to have a mirror shot from each city I visit.

I have instigated a forum on my new travel site too. Its not live yet but I have put a password protect on it. Do you wnat access? If so email me, tagboard me or leave me a comment (email is best) and I'll see what I can do.

my link suggestions:
fun: Not the same old one that has been emailed around, new ones everyday. If you don't know what I'm talking about check out
the secret diaries of the lord of the rings.
cool: For those of you wiht an iPod (unless you are much smarter than me which you probably are) you probably haven't necessarily found
the iPod lounge. And I was just looking for an updater... there are loads of applications, accessories and general iPod coolness to be found!
site of the day: or in the case you read this tomorrow... check out "yesterday".
Harrumph! - a daily read of mne and half the globe... but I especially loved her monologue about my favorite vegetable, Asparagus.

blogger bits: Looking for a comments system? look no further than
Rannie launches the photobloggies awards.
I have also discovered a new daily blog for me to read (also gorgeously designed)
escribitionist, Check her out!

diaryupdates: Did I mention that my brother has announced his engagment? Well before that its his birthday on Feb 6th, Who knows I may even be able to spend it with him in Europe :)

blatent plug: or call to action...Please put yourself on my

Thanks also this week to Kristal for her lovely "welcome back we missed you" message, to Coudal for mentioning me in the quiz answers, to Hugh and Eric for their travel suggestions and to all my new guestmap friends from around the globe.

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- Tuesday, January 07, 2003

breakfast at the four seasons

Another day, another day at work. Andy got back from Wales today and is desperately pining for his long lost Italian girlfriend poor lad! New boys at work today too. Got to welcome John and Dave to the Batey clan so its nice to be seeing more of both of them again!

Today I also got militant about getting back into the swing of the Mirror project and uploaded 3 new shots TBC if they will get posted at all. I also spent tonight completely redoing my galleries, turfing out all the irrelevant shots and reordering them all so i can find them all and so I have fresh systems for the new year. Believe me it was loads of work not that any of you will be able to tell. BUT please DO let me know if you find any links that don't work!

jumbo mirror - lunch with the sellers
Had lunch with Ed Olivia and Pablo today too at jumbo. lots of very very messy chilli and black pepper crab mmm. And they were dying of the heat poor things after 3 weeks in Switzerland!

diaryupdates: its the final countdown. Approximately 4 weeks till I go and I need all your recommendations. Places to stay, things to do, people to see. Where am I going you ask? For a rough idea of my destinations
click here.

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- Monday, January 06, 2003

jenwear november now online

Finally I got the november collections up. (December is soon to follow). click here to visit november

new: Remember I was placed in the top 10 in
Design Marathon? Well I won a free application from eyucca and I got a postcard system. So SEND A BOXERCARD NOW. I am about to update the cards to relegate the xmas ones to 2003 so get these while they are still hot ( still not too late for a belated bit of xmas joy.
how to waste 3 months of your life.
fun: I learned lots of really important (rolls eyes) but excellent trivia today, taking part in the
coudal partners pop trivia contest as an exapmle " In 1985, who pitched Steven Spielberg a film idea in which Oscar Wilde travels to Texas in the 1890's and discovers (among other things, we imagine) Rock and Roll?
" Anyone?????? (hugh you MUST know that one?
site of the day: for all those frustrated designers who get
the same old briefs day in day out.
boxershots: yet another new look. (well I had to start making way for 2003 and it was just a little too unphotographic :) I also have uploaded all of xmas
look at the galleries by name instead of dates too... check them out :)
tshirts: so I sent my shirts in to the exhibition at
TEESHIRTSHOW MELBOURNE I wasn't 100% happy with the final 3 but... it was a busy time at xmas!
new web things:
Heather pointed out this great site for copyrighting your work online. creative commons I must get around to sorting this out for myself.
diaryupdates: its the final countdown. Approximately 4 weeks till I go and now I am getting nervouser and nervouser!!!

blatent plug: or call to action...Please put yourself on my

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- Sunday, January 05, 2003
Just a quick posting :)

My shots from Xmas are all up now at boxershots, just click on the dates surrounding 25/12/02, also, expect a slightly different design for that later today... when I get around to uploading it all :).

Yesterday I met Loretta and Linke, to join Matt and Pual for Breakfast on a quick fly through Singapore. Looks like they will have a spare bed for me in London so I am hugely appreciative and looking forward to at least one evening of games with Matt. ( Matt is a games freak like me :) The afternoon consisted of searching to no end for boots. NO ONE SHOP IN SINGAPORE HAS MY SIZE!!!! but I did find a pair of Prada boots I just loved (at 50% off too) but still no size :( Black, knee lenght, fur lined mmmm damn damn and double damn.

Last night watched movies and started the chronic clothes sorting and room cleaning I aim to have done prior to the trip.
Today the sorting continues and Simon has hit the waves again in Desaru. "best waves of the season" apparently :)

Was shopping this morning and the instore music played one after another Lee Ann Rimes "how will I live without you" and Richard Marks "Right Here Waiting" . I got a little Melancholy about being seperated for 3 months from Sime. How will I cope :( Its going to be an expensive phone bill :)

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- Thursday, January 02, 2003

boxercox's in boxercox xmas tees - xmas 2002 - adelaide

Sorry! I have been neglecting you. But what with all that Xmassing to be had, and then back to work and then New Years eve too. All that in mind I haven't even gotten quite around to uploading all my shots yet so bear with me :)

It has been so busy! Xmas was lovely As you could probably see from my very last posting! It was great to spend time with Lib and Brad and Marka nd of course Mum and Dad.
We got some news post Xmas too although it comes by way of Dad and we haven't had writtten confirmation yet from the source but it seems Ben and Mira aim to get married in September. In Albania! So another trip to a far away and amazing country for all us Boxers ( and a Cox too).
Post Xmas I also had the chance to catch up with lots of long last seen friends. Gav, Lib, Anna and many more. Will have pics tomorrow :)
Other than all that by way of tywo seperate flights (mine on Qantas via Perth and Simon's direct to Singers on SIA) we arrived home and awaited the return of one very happy, very cuddly shadowish brown furry boy. Yes he's so excite to have us back he keeps following me EVERYWHERE.
He also loved his Xmas gift ( thats Jeannette thats from your grandcat!)

new years day 2003 - desaru beach - malaysia

On New Years Eve we headed to the beach, Desaru in Malaysia. Time for Simon to get in that surf he missed out on in SA and also time together.
It was lovely. Dinner, some games (darts I whipped Simon's ass but then he got me back the next day) and some quality book reading to be done in the sun. Finally a twighlight ferry trip home to a puss frenzy... its so lovely to be loved so unconditionally.

Happy New Year everyone!

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