Romans - Sunday, August 17, 2003

Roman Charity Dinner 2003

On Friday Night we attended a Charity dinner to aid the Children's bereavement trust. Simon won best dressed man... Russell Crowe eat your heart out!

sunday: 17:17:17 don't forget! ( I'll be up at 1.17:17 in the morning!)

magazine: All Things Girl, September edition is now seeking submissions. The theme is "Friends, Lovers and Enemies".
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- Thursday, August 14, 2003

I found this originally on Heather's site but was too late to take part. By following the links I found Blake and he has given me my questions.


Leave me a comment in my guestbook or email me telling me you want to be interviewed.
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Here are my questions from Blake:

1. What is the last thing you ate?
A chocolate Brownie with Walnuts from "The Coffee Bean" and right before
that? Sushi... hmm inretrospect the tghought that both those things are now
mixing in my stomach makes me feel a little ill!

2. You have a chance meeting with God. What do you ask Him?
If you made us all equal and in your image why do we disagree so much? Why
do Christians believe they are so "right" yet declare war on other
countries? Why does Christianity need so many rules? Rules that make
different "factions" of the same faith kill each other daily just becuase
one isProtestant and another Catholic? Who is Right? Is anyone? Does it
matter? What will the world be like for my children. Is that too much to

3. Cats or dogs?
Definitely Cats. Don't get me wrong. I quite liek Dogs I just wish they
could sleep more, be less silly and generally do a bettter of job of taking
care of themselves. Yes, If only Dogs could be more Cat-like.

4. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does a thousand words equal?
If pictures can do what a thousand words can do (and I totally believe they
can) then I also believe that the smells that take us right back in a
millisecond to those memories of our past, of our childhoods can easily top
the value of 1000 words. Fresh baked bread. Wet woollens after being caught
in the rain in your school uniform, Lolly bananas....mmmm. Its the speed
with which they affect you that makes scents so powerful.

5. When you look up at a clear, beautiful blue sky, what runs through your
Why am I wasting my entire life away inside, behind a desk on a computer
when I could be out here day dreaming and realising what a beautiful world
we live in. Actually it reminds me that I am itching to go travelling agin

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Another day another brief or three - Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Kuta Kids, Lombok Indonesia

magazine: All Things Girl, September edition is now seeking submissions. The theme is "Friends, Lovers and Enemies".
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guestmap: 58! welcome to Odin from Iceland.

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The animals are revolting - Haw Par Villa, Singapore

Mum and Dad came and now they are gone again. We had a lovely time. The first day we spent fairly easily. They had had little or no sleep and were finding the weather a little uncomfortable.
We did the obligatory shopping on Orchard Rd, a drink at my favorite "Blood Cafe" and a haggling mission at Lucky Plaza. In the afternoon we swam to cool off and I cooked a roast dinner for all but Simon (who had the fish instead).

Up early on Friday we decided on some sightseeing. Haw Par Villa and Tiger balm gardens was first on the agenda. With both Mum and Dad dozing during the cab trips we finally arrived. How Hot! They were literally melting just like the witch in The Wizard of Oz.

We fed the millions of hungry turtles, looked into the 10 gates of Hell and were on our way. Where next? The zoo. Some where else In Singapore that I had never been. I have to say it is probably the nicest zoo I have ever been to. The animals feel very uncaged and my Dad says that they seemed very happy :) I took loads of shots that you can see here.

That evening They went out with old colleague Murli so Sime and I had a quiet night in only to be woken when they rang the doorbell like naughty teenagers at 11.30pm (although I had left it open for them :)

Saturday was Singapore National Day, and surprisingly quiet. Simon worked, we shopped, visited temples and swam before a lovely dinner at the new Esplanade Theatre Complex with thousands of our closest Singaporean friends hoping for a nonexistant view of the much hyped pyrotechnics.

Sunday was the last day for us all to be together. We all slept in again (well till 8am which is late for Mum and Dad who are up with the worms). Breakfast, packing, swims and "The Wonder Boys" on DVD (while they caught up on more rest....afterall they have been travelling non stop for 5 weeks and that is pretty exhausting) then it was time for them to go.

I hated having to send them off to the airport knowing that they were to have 9 hours wait in KL... from 9pm till 5am. The worst hours of the day.

But they survived, quite happily, thanks to the lounge they checked into and ate their way through.

It was lovely showing them my home. Having them to stay and spending some quality time with them both. I miss them already. Hopefully they'll come back soon.

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Mum and Dad - Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Cuddly Puss after being at Cat Camp

Another 2 days off from tomorrow. Mum and Dad are coming to stay enroute home from the wedding in Albania. I am really looking forwards to it. This will be actually the first time in 10 years that they have been, together, to even visit us (let alone stay with us whether in Singapore or when we had our home in Sydney).

I really want to spend some quality time with them. No doubt we'll be doing some sight seeing, perhaps the Changi war memorial, the Tiger Balm Gardens and the Night Safari. Definitley some chilli Crab out on the East Coast and this Saturday will be my first Singapore National Day (so far I have been away for them all since our arrival).

I am also really looking forwards to them seeing "our life". Does that make any sense? We have een together nearly 10 years and still they can't really imagine what we live like together. (And then there's our home here and our new surroundings I want them to be able to picture when they get home again).

So tonight the three of us (Simon, Me and the Puss man) are preparing for their early morning arrival. I just wish they could stay longer.

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28mm - Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Lombok boys

I posted another Lombok Gallery today from our trip with Colin, Lisa, Gigi and Sammy for Surf, Sun and Seafood.

I have a new gallery live today at 28mm. My gallery is called The Adriatic Coast and includes images from my recent trip to Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. Until I get the rest online here is a small taste!

There are some other wonderful galleries most notably by Nick Feder, Peter Hovering, Dominic Turner and Ben Needham

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Lombok - Monday, August 04, 2003

Lombok Sunday morning markets, Kuta

I know I still have to tell you all about the wedding, the marvels of the Adriatic and my new found ability to carry a backpack on my back... but first.... I have just returned from 3 days in Lombok and here are some of the images of the beautiful, simple life that the locals live.

(sorry for those who visited before... I have updated the URL)

My 26 Things gallery is now online here

Check out all the participants!

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