- Friday, December 26, 2003

The Red Baron

treasured: photofriday

Simon is plane crazy.
He reads about planes. He flies raido controlled planes. He has 2 flight simulators and dreams of having his own biplane ( one day we will have to have a huge backyard!)

I was out shopping and hadn't really found the perfect xmas gift for him at all. I had the plane fridge magnets. The books on aviation eras. But nothing perfect. Then I found this. Its a pedal car. With Wings. And a propellar. It has leather upholstery and rubber tyres on a tin wheel.

Its a pedal plane complete with Red Baron markings. It must have been treasured for a long time by, if not one, many boys in the 50 years of its life. I could almost picture them hurtling down hills with their tin wings oustretched, the wind ruffling their hair!

I know Simon will treasure it as much as they did. We both love old things. Old weird things. And especially old toys. It now takes pride of place in our lounge till we too have a child small enough to take the controls.

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- Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Xmas 2003

belated Xmas greetings!: is it that time of year already?

I've been a little blog weary lately. In fact I've been a little computer weary also. Who would have ever thought! Certainly not my wonderful understanding husband. But no being online hasn't fussed me much of late. Instead I have been reading, sleeping and watching the rain. Its the wet season here in Singapore and like clockwork every afternoon at 4pm the sky opens up and someone pours out their heavenly bathwater.

Christmas was lovely. I got up late. (Thankfully our friends of the 7am starting building site next door were granted at least one day off) We had breakfast in bed and then did our presents by our tiny tree.

Everyone was so thoughtful!

The rest of the day was relaxing. We swam, we watched old Xmas movies and in the evening had a wonderful buffet dinner with friends and ended the evening tumbling in to bed with distended stomachs and a smile on our faces.

Hope Xmas was also lovely for everyone else! And or those I didn't get a chance to wish the best for the festive seaon click here for our Xmas card.

I hope you have a week filled with love and happiness and that the New Year brings you the start of dreams coming true. Here's to 2004!

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- Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Mayang Sari - Bintan

island holiday: Bintan with Mim and Dave

Miriam and Dave arrived to stay for a week. (Its always a pleasure to have thm here). So rather than do all the thigs we have done the other times they have been in Singfapore we decided to go off shore for a couple of days, to our nearest "tropical Indonesian island" - Pulau Bintan. Only a short 45 minutes by ferry.

Did I mention its the wet season?

The ferry ride had its problems. Well I did anyhow. I was well placed amongst the many with their faces gracefullly placed in Blue plastic bags. The sea was so rough I thought I was going to die. The boys were also delighting later on in recouting the story and using examples like "fish milkshakes" to make me feel worse again!

So yes we got there and it was beautuful. The rooms at the Mayang Sari resort were wonderful, lkuxurious and looking straight over the beach.

It did rain for the 3 days we were there but the boys still surfed. mim still swam and I read 2 books. It was nice to get away.

Dave learns to surf with Simon for 5 hours

Come back soon Mim and Dave!

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- Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Goodbye to the lovely Leo

rock star in the making: Watch this space for more on Leo Bajzert!

Leo... Love you. Miss you... send me a bloody email!

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- Friday, December 05, 2003

faded structures of the past - Coney Island, Brooklyn New York

structure: photofriday

In April of this year I was in New York City and rather than traipse only around the usual tourist traps I decided I really wanted to go to Coney Island.

It was a more interesting trip than I had anticipated due to the subways being down.
I caught a train to the depths of "Saturday Night Fever" land and loved seeing the New York contrast of the back of Brooklyn from the streets of bustling Manhatten. The subway was "furnished " with an add assortment of individuals. Most of the female variety having large hair and equally redespendant fingernails in paint duco hues. Once at the end of the line it was time for a bus. This truly gave me the opportunity to see the locals going about their daily grind.
Road workers, nurses, sandwich shop assistants and hispanic home duties assistants all piled ontot he "luxury coach". I felt like a fish out of water, I felt like I was in a movie, I felt like I was on another planet but I did feel like I was a part of their world.
Thats how I like to travel to see things for what they really are.

On arriving at Coney Island it was freezing. a breeze chillling me even thorough my many layers. The gates were locked, the machines lay dormant and the signs of age had left a permanent stain.

The structures that make Coney Island what it is remain as reminders to a time of frivolity of simple pleasures and of innocent fun. They seem to hark back to a time when the structure of society was even a little different. Now the boardwalk is new and littered with the new society. Truant children still buying hotdogs at the beachside stalls, 50ish retirees still soak up the sun on sea facing park benches. Russian Mafia play cards and make sideways glances.

Still the structures in place from those times mark the new society of today. It was a magical if eery place and I got some wonderful shots.

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Kika and Mark! Goodbye

Spain here we come:
A quick farewell to mark and Kika who are off to have a brand new life in Spain. We'll miss you!

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