happy valentines day - Sunday, February 15, 2004

Simon is my Mr Wonderful

Valentines Day... usually we take it or leave it... Not that special, too commercial and why are even the flowers more ugly than on any other day of the year! This morning though Simon woke me with a hand made 3D card with a pregnant heart that made me cry (happy tears) really was the most lovely thing :) so we proceeded to spend the day together. Not doing silly lovey dovey things but doing things we wanted to do.

First we went to see Body Worlds. If you ahve a chance to see it when it reaches your home go. Its amazing. Plasticinated bodies that have been donated to science. Romantic huh :)

Next we went to a nursury and bought plants (4 huge ones to block out the neighbours balcony even though as yet noone even lives there!). I almost even bought the frangipani I have wanted for so long but we want to see how the others survive in the 17th floor wind first.

Next lunch in the sun o the balcony. (and a tad sunburned too). A dip in the windy pool, a laze in the sun with a magazine and newspaper.... a little work, the shops, then off walking to East Coast park.

How busy it was down there... tents everywhere for a bit of Valentines privacy!@#$% amongst all the BBQing families no doubt too! We soon got to the array of restaurants but by not thinking and heading out late ( it was already 9pm) we couldn't get a seat. We walked back home and found an awesome Chinese Seafood restaurant only metres from our house. MMMMM

Home to watch "Band of Brothers" then the peanut and I crashed as usual!

What a lovely day!

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santiago - Friday, February 13, 2004

abstract art is everywhere

abstract: photofriday

Missed a few weeks there with the move and being offline but now I am back. This shot was taken once again in Santiago in April. The city, especially the bohemian quarter (called Bellevista) where I was staying is covered with some of the most amazing street art I saw anywhere in the world. Can't wait to go back and shoot it again.

Photofriday ahs instigated a new viewer voting system... to vote for my shot as a noteworthy image for this weeks challenge click here

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- Monday, February 09, 2004

Berlin textures

Sorry I've been off the air.. kind of been exiled. We moved house a week ago.
Its great. Feels like we have been in for ages. In fact we are more set up than we ever were before. Seems that in planning the move we could be way more organised about how and where we wanted everything so now it all just works.

For a change we decided to move out of Singapore city centre. While we were previously within spitting distance of "Orchard Road" we are now 20 minutes out on what is known as the "East Coast". Here there is a stretch of beach
(great by Singapore standards but not quite the Bondi of home) a boardwalk, rollerbladers and cyclers. Loads of seafood restaurants and loads of appartments. Its actually quite built up. And for the firts time (and possibly last time in our lives) we have chosen to live on the 17th floor. It's our first Penthouse appartment. We have balconies on 3 sides so 270 degree views all over Singapore. Who would have ever thought it was so flat! Breakfast each day on the balcony, breezes through the night (we haven't even turned on the air conditioners yet!)

So far we love it. The cat seems happy although a little tentative on the balconies and the exile? well for a week the cable in the study wouldn't work... so NO INTERNET.... But I fixed it... and we are back! At last!

Hello world!

Baby is growing fast! Belly is protruding and as for breast implants? Well this will give me some idea what people who succumb to the knife feel like :)


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- Friday, February 06, 2004

MRT mirrors

Happy Birthday Ben!
Its my little brother's birthday! 33 years old today. Boy that makes me feel ancient. Also with the move, the pregnancy and work generally being madness I haven't even got him a gift! Hope you ahve a great day Ben!

Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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