17 flights up and one to Australia - Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Volcano view from Mu, Bali

Got home last night and just made it inside when some horrid alarms went off. Puss was terrified and very very "slunky" (this is when he lowers his entire body height to about an inch from the floor and walks around like a snake with short legs). It seemed the lifts were out of action and there were people stuck inside. I immediately hoped it wasn't poor Simon. Thankfully no. Then was so pleased it wasn't me!

Poor Simon did however have to walk up the 17 flights (not something I would be attempting in "my condition"). Apparently completely healthy male inhabitants in our block were sitting down downstairs while the lifts were being repaire refusing to take the stairs! Lazy bastards!

Today I am still living in a "uniqely Singaporean" hell. Ads to go out without visuals. No copy briefs etc etc etc. Work, soon I will be on holiday and it will be a distant memory for a few days!

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Breakfast, baby bungees and Bitumen - Tuesday, March 30, 2004

breakfast at Bingan beach, Bali

So its been too long always start with that!)
Work has been doubly busy. Crazy in fact. The peanut and I have been doing loads of overtime much to Daddy Simon's disgust! So now its time to cool it a bit. Having a break next week. Off to Sydney for 6 days while Sime does a shoot so looking forwards to catching up with some mates and doing some "baby browsing". We actually commenced pram reccys last weekend... it all seems so organised doesn't it!

They are digging up the street outside our office again. I have forgotten how many times it has been since I came to work here but suffice to say its way too many. I don't know if I'll ever be able to work again without the sound of jackhammers.

The weekend was pleasant though. Friday doctors appointment then sleeping! Breakfast at the beach on Saturday while Simon took his Skateboard for a spin and Sunday - day of rest!

Been a slacker too when it comes to shooting and uploading but I did take some great pics along East Coast a week ago. Hope you like them.

A note to all pals - I broke my Palm Pilot... and now its fixed.... BUT I have no info. Please email me all your data again. Addresses, phone numbers, birthdates etc so I can have you all updated.

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spain and trains - Saturday, March 20, 2004

on this day 2003

This time last year I was in Spain, on a train in fact, on my way to Monserrat. It feels like aeons ago... but lately the news of the train bomb has reminded me of how vulnerable we all are.. yet also how sad it is that we have to be scared in our own world!

Sorry its been so long since I have posted. I have been "uniquely" busy at work. Yes, the Singapore Tourist Board ad campaign has taken over my life....If you live here you'll know what I mean... talk about fuss in the press and government!

Baby is also progressing well (I think) either that or he/she is mad with me for working so hard becuase the kicks are getting more frequesnt and much bigger especially as I try to go to sleep.

Latest news? We moved house to avoid an ugly building site that was ruining our tranquil days... and now a new one has started next door! They are knocking down a building and even today (Saturday) the noise is deafening! More news when we find out more and work out what to do!
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