Photo Friday - Natural - Friday, April 30, 2004

a mother's love

I took this image in Santigao Chile. A man was standing in the street. On his left was a woman selling Pommegranates, on his right a news paper seller. He had a box of puppies perched on the back of his bicycle. We couldn't help but stop to look. It was only later that someone at the hostel told us this is a sure fire way to get pickpocketed! The puppies were so comfortable all curled up with their Mum. It was the most natural and beautiful sight.

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Still no takers for names? Well then, forever may yopu all hold your piece!

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night fever, night fever.... - Thursday, April 29, 2004

Disco inferno - from the stage show of Saturday Night Fever

What a birthday! Worked like a navvy and then got a cake from the DC girls (which we'll have for morning tea today). Rewarded myself with a much needed massage to ease my tense muscles and then got whisked off to see "Saturday Night Fever" live on stage at The Esplanade. I LOVE MUSICALS! If I could have my time again I would have kept dancing (tried to get good at it) and learned to sing. All my years in crappy scholl and amateur theatre company productions from "Godspell" to "Oklahoma" came flooding back!

Simon got great seats. One row from the front, right in the middle, we were almost part of the show.

The cast (all Australians) were brilliant. The dancing was incredible. so energetic and the singing just as professional. The fact that we did have crotch eye view seats was alos a little funny!

At the end they performed 3 encores and got the crowd up dancing and singing along. Sitting in the front row is always a little confronting in these situations. Do we or don't we. It was my birthday so I decided I should "dance if I want to". It was great! After 2 hours of toe tapping and mouthing the words it was great to have a go! I think the cast appreciated seeing a lady with a bump getting in to it in the front row! (we got a few winks and smiles) Boy were our hands sore afterwards!

Thanks Simon for the great evening.

I love you!

Last chance to give us your suggestions on baby names. Or to hazard a guess at the sex of our child to be.
Have your say in my comments.

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Its my birthday and I'll work if I have to - Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Santiago Chile - taken April 2003

This time 35 years ago I arrived. In a tiny, thawing town in Scotland where my parents were both teaching.
Its funny because lately I have been asking my Mum a lot about my birth.

I was her first pregnancy. Her first born child, so now as I face the same things its interesting to hear her perspectives on what it was like "all the way back then"!

It makes this birthday of mine all the more important to me. To imagine what my own birth was like for my Mum and to know it was when I "became" and to know I am soon to do the same for this little person inside me makes me feel all emotional!

Leave me a note in my comments or guestbook if you feel like helping me to mark the day!

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Take a punt... - Tuesday, April 27, 2004

baby pictures

Everyone keeps harping on about what sex our child will be and what names we have decided on.
For the record, we haven't found out the sex. We want it to be a surprise. As for names... we
aren't telling anyone and yes we do have a list.

So to help you all to get it out of your system I have decided that you should enter your thoughts in the my comments below.

If you have an idea for a name tell us. I can't promise I will consider it. I also can't promise that I won't but at least you can go down on record so that when the time comes you can say "I told you so".

Equally if you want to make a punt on whether its a boy or girl... go right ahead in my comments below. 50% of you will be right!

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Antenatal classes - Monday, April 26, 2004

this time last year.... a reunion in Perth

We had our first antenatal class last night. Luckily it's a small group. Only 3 couples. Funnily enough they are all very similar to us. In each there is one fair partner and one dark. Should be interesting what we all have! Watching Jen, the midwife, passing the doll through the pelvis prop was a little surreal! (one of the dads to be asked if its really that tight, I could see he was feeling our pain to come). Next week we get to discuss Labour and Pain management hmmmm.

Trying desperately to find out the recommended height for change tables... if anyone has any idea let me know please? I am hoping to use the top of a chest of drawers and as Simon and I are both tall it should all be OK. (about 12 cm taller than the change table I looked at last week)

baby names:we are refusing to tell anyone any of our ideas.... but just for fun, if you want to speculate or even give us your suggestion, advice or least favorite names add a comment here!

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Junk and junk food - Friday, April 23, 2004

outside taccheles - Berlin

Had an intense craving for MacDonalds hash browns today... but I resisted! Phew

projects: The theme at photofriday this week is "junk"
projects 2: finally I am back in the mirror project!
illustrations: looby lu an immesely talented aussie.
brilliant: making leta, a story I found on fray (Derek Powazek's site) that made me laugh so loud even though I know I too will feel her pain
guestmap: where are YOU in th world today?

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My aunties rock! - Thursday, April 22, 2004

arty belly pics at 27 weeks

Today I got back to work and there was a parcel on my desk. My Aunty Pam in Tasmania has sent me another little gift. Each of my Mother's sisters have taken the time out to knit something for me by hand. Aunty Lynne a beautiful shawl. Aunty Pam 2 cardigans and some little booties in nice neutral whites and yellows and Aunty Judy another gorgeous little white outfit.

They are all so clever. I will treaure these items forever.

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Welcome to the world - Ned Boxer - Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Ben & Ned

Congratulations Ben and Mira, on the birth of your gorgeous son, Ned. Can't wait to meet my beautiful new little nephew.

Ned, born Thursday 15th April 2004 :)

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self portrait as a whale - Thursday, April 15, 2004

I have expanded to the max!

projects:photofriday theme this week is a self portrait so I thought I'd better show you whats happened to me... here I am... much expanded....

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Goodbye Sydney Hello Singapore - Monday, April 12, 2004

the Bondi to Bronte walk

Here's where I would like to live, if I could, in Sydney. With property prices the way they are though the Eastern suburbs may be a non issue. Isn't it so beautiful! Sydney was brilliant. Great friends, great weather almost every day and now we are "home again back in the heat... with a puss thats very pleased to see us... Thanks for having us Sydney!

guestmap: a few more... thanks... and don't forget my guestbook either :)

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pregnant shadows - Saturday, April 10, 2004

pregnant shadows

Got up early to drop the car back by 8am yawn... then I talked Simon into Breakfast at Bondi. Being pregnant is funny becuase now everyone with kids talks to you. Sure enough we were sitting down at Aqua Bar eating porrideg and turkish toast when the couple beside us said hi. Turned out we knew them. A director we had both worked with in the past and their 3 month old. There's so much to chat about when you have babies and advertising in common!

Next we decided to do the Bondi to Bronte Walk. Its so gorgeous... though quite busy with crazy jogging types and dogs ( forgot there were so many dogs here in Sydney!)

Also I was a bit silly wearing my "high heeled" thongs. Luckily though I had to stop a number of times to visit the salubrious ladies loos at each beach on the way.

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just like Daddy

At the "easter egg hunt" we finally also met Abby May. Was a real "baby day" plenty of practice for us being the only ones still in utero :)

guestmap: thanks lib :)

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- Friday, April 09, 2004

aunty Jen and uncle Simon

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House hunting in the north and dinner in the south - Monday, April 05, 2004

Claire, Gus and Mark

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Meeting Mila - Sunday, April 04, 2004

Pablo, Mila and Olivia - Bronte

Finally we meet Mila Seller and she's gorgeous. Pablo is so huge (thankfully he fits his new kung fu pjs)

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Sydney the old stomping ground - Saturday, April 03, 2004

Darlinghurst - exorcising the old demons

We arrived in Sydney at an ungodly 5.30 am and couldn't get our car till 7... Then the hotel wasn't ready for us till 11. So we went for breakfast (as you do). Ate Turkish Toast (its been too long) and then finally stumbled into bed at the hotel for the next few hours.

That afternoon we wandered about a little aimlessly and then had a gorgeous dinner with Jen and Hugh at their very grown up house in Northbridge.

guestmap: a few more... thanks... and don't forget my guestbook either :)

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