fantasia must win - Thursday, May 27, 2004

little india duos

I sat up last night to watch the finle of American Idol. I can't believe I even stayed awake. It didn't start till after 11pm. Fantasia is fantastic. Diana has done well but she can't hold a candle to Fantasia. If she wins there will be a scandal!

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on this day - 2002 - Tuesday, May 25, 2004

hu'u bali 2002

Look how short Simon's hair was.... Look how flawless my skin.... Look how thin I was. ...Look how carefree and silly we both are....

Right before joining Batey ads 2 years ago we took a vacation in Bali and Lombok. 3 weeks of bliss. It seems like aeons ago and now here I am coming to the end of my time there (for a while) as I once again step into a totally new world. After I finish next week it will once again be a time for a holiday/break between the two jobs. How different this break will be.

mission: print a day - helpLor from ATG and Apparently Nothing to buy a new camera.

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congratulations to Michael Moore - Monday, May 24, 2004
The Palme d'Or, top prize at the Cannes Film Festival, was awarded to Michael Moore for his documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11."
Isn't it customary, when an American wins one of the world's top competitions (Tour de France, Nobel Prize, Olympics), for the
winner to be invited to the White House?

(from joe bob's week")

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birthdays and baby rooms (and Simon builds his BIG Baby) - Sunday, May 23, 2004

Happy Birthday Nigel (pictured with new niece Luella)

Happy Birthday to Nigel!

Had a very productive weekend. Pram arrived and I made a mobile! Baby room is very much a baby room now! Clothes in drawers, curtains up and blocking out all light. I even bought a steriliser in the Mothercare sale. EEK!

Simon spent most of it hard at work on his Big baby. The "Red Barrel" his brand new ARF plane with the 2m wing span. It's huge.

Last Antenatal clas tonight so I think we get to "practice being parents" on a couple of dolls.

projects: Made a mobile, next is making a baby book.
on the web: send a unique note to a friend with pee mail
illustration: mike and julie
guestmap: slowing down... where are you from
daily baby: todays guess is that its a boy!

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look! my outfit matches my chair!

Dinner with Richie and Sarah proved to be full of laughs and excellent wine (well only a sniff for me). The hugest laugh came later in the evening though, when we noticed how well Richie had co-ordinated his outfit with the chairs in the restaurant. Both had grey legs, Both had yellow bodies... (and since he had been to the restaurant before, we decided it definitely was planned.)

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is it a boy or girl? - Tuesday, May 18, 2004

hmmm? I wonder

Found this on the internet. Its a bit of fun. Don't know whether to believe it at all what day is the month of conception counted from anyway.... The last day of your last period? the day of implantation? who knows! try it here.

Lay your bets in my comments.

projects:wordphoto - todays word is "run"

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(almost) mothers day - Sunday, May 09, 2004

little india tiles

Mother's day and its my first official day as almost a mother yet also my last official Mother's day as "not a Mother".

The child to be is very active and the furry child is very lazy. Spent a lovely day reading my bookclub book. A week ago I wouldn't have recommended it. But now my opinion is reversed. "Any Human Heart" by Willliam Boyd is beautifully written and an ambling great story about an ambitious and varied life. The story of Logan MountStuart, an escivator and ex Oxford Don, WW2 opertive spy and art dealer it is set in the form of his journals. Give it a go on a lazy sunny afternoon. You will feel pleasantly relaxed and wil have a wry smile on your face.

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rain rain go away - Thursday, May 06, 2004
tie a red and white ribbon.... East Coast Rd Singapore

It's pouring again today and its not supposed to be. Monsoon finished well over a month ago and now its meant to be hot and sticky but instead its horribly drizzly outside.
At least one bonus is that here, in the tropics its always warm and warm weather with rain isn't so bad... It just doesn't bode well for footwear.

Went to antenatal Yago again last night and had a different instructor. She was much more "yoga centric" and now I am quite stiff and sore. I really am a "stiffy" as my physiotherapist calls me. Touch my toes? Ha... no way... and that was before there was ever a bump in the way! I did feel like a bit of a gumby! (except hold on... Gumby is bendy isn't he... well I am the antithesis of Gumby!)

Still, I feel like its doing me good, though I was rather shattered when I got home and Simon made me some dinner while I slumped on the couch!

Only got up twice last night so thats a bonus... but we had another 5am start to the day then after Simon left the "brown furry alarm clock" decided not to let me sleep....

I still love him.

projects: wordphoto today is cattle... see if you can find my shot.
illustrations:bought a great book yesterday called mondofragile. Its a book of fashion illustrations... beautiful!
boy or girl?: add your guess to my comments
names: speak now or forever hold your piece (in my comnets below)

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easy riders - Wednesday, May 05, 2004

vespa, lavender street

Walking with Simon in search of standard industrial fans we came acroos the "vespa enclave" of Singapore. Gorgeous old Vespas in pastel tones, chromes and shiny brights painstakingly restored for afficionados.

I love Vespas. Never ridden one. Would love to. But now my Vespa time is over. Don't think a baby on a bike is such a good idea (and neither probably is a bump).

Speaking of the evergrowing, very active bump, all is well I got a excellent report at the docs today so now we stride towards the 3rd trimester!

projects: wordphoto "smooth"

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sunrise, sunset and all the hours in between - Monday, May 03, 2004

sunrise out the bedroom window

It's full moon. And after quite a few nights of sleeping through (at last) I am now back to getting up every 2 hours. I keep my watch in the bathroom so I can see what time it is and without fail its on the dot of 2 hours between visits. I'm sure its the tides. And with all this extra liquid in my body I'm sure the pull of the moon is ever stronger!

There was one saving grace though. Waking up today at 6.15 I watched the sunrise from the balcony outside my bedroom. It was spectacular. So spectacular that I had to record it. I wish I had used my tripod! I do love having this view. We have balconies on 3 sides of the appartment so we get both sunrises and sunsets. Its magical.

projects: wordphoto "narrow"

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how I feel this morning!

So that was the festival of Jen. I really felt very spoiled! But now its all over again for another year. My last official birthday before I am a Mum. Went a bit mad on the weekend. Now we have a nursery and I already love it in there. All I need now is my child! The nesting bug has bitten hard!

projects:wordphoto a new project I found through kristal
birthday thanks: kristal for the lovely birthday posting and for your comments in my blog :), Mim and Dave for "Sex and the City" and "lucky", Mark and Ben for my calls, Mum, Dad, Lib and Brad for my pjs and robe!

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