baby shower - Wednesday, June 30, 2004

from left (clockwise): amanda, claire, marina, ping, lisa and me

I am so spoiled. Last night the girls got together for a mini baby shower for me. Really it was just a chacnce for a good girlie catch up with some food and drinks!, but they had to go and buy me things didn't they. The "bulge" is now the proud owner of his first heirloom. A silver tifffany rattle. And for a little later on the cutest little Adidas tracksuit in red and white. I guess babyboxercox is just about to become baby spice and sportyspice rolled into one! Its the most gorgeous thing you could imagine! Thanks girls you rock!

Just as we were going home though everyone recieved calls from their families. The power was out for most of Singapore. I had horrible visions of having to climb up 17 flights of stairs on arrival at our place but thank goodness, the lifts were operational.

Now if only that dratted mosquito from last night had gotten lost! I still haven't found him!

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babies, wedding and engagements - Tuesday, June 29, 2004

mim and dave, budva 2003

I am so excited!
But probably not nearly as excited as Mim and Dave. Mim is my baby sister. On Saturday Dave asked her to marry him. It was so romantic. A she put it she was standing by the bar, knee deep in mud between bands at Glastonbury! Its an event they will undoubtedly remember for the rest of their lives. How cool! Dave explained that it was the exact right time becuase he wanted it to be when they were together having a wonderful time. How gorgeous. I wonder if he was nervous?

This year is set to be the year for us!

2 grandchildren, a wedding, and engagement, myparents 40th wedding anniversary and then in Feb next year my Dad's "big birthday". Happy 2004 everyone!

Send Mim and Dave a congratulations note below!

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A guardian "mother" - Sunday, June 27, 2004

Orchard Road - Liat Towers, Singapore

I have been meaning to take a photo of this staue on Orchard road for ages and today, when I walked past the sun was hitting it in such a beautiful way. I think its beautiful, like a Ferdinand Leger (but its not) the rounded shapes of the Mother and Child. She has a fish tail like a Mermaid.

It all seems so poignant now too when I am about to become just like her. Well, I am rounded and puffy already.

I must find out who its by and what its significance to Singapore is. If anyone knows please post in my comments.

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earth to feet, come in feet - Saturday, June 26, 2004

36 weeks and I can just see my feet (if I bend over)

Now I feel large (though people still keep asking me how many months to go!@#$*& so I mustn't be THAT big).

My hands and feet feel a bit larger too so I have been putting up the feet and sculling the bottles of h2o to alleviate the puff.

My tummy is a different shape. It all feels much much lower than before. I can't see my toes, I can't get out of bed and I can't rollover with much ease... But I am fine and feel positive so don't think they are grumbles... merely an update of the phyiscal changes I am feeling! Not long now and "daddy" is back soon and will be grounded for a while!

Puss is being awesomely cute. He has taken to sitting on a cushion on my desktop where he watches me at work on the computer or sleeps or occcasionally ahs the desire to either lick or not so favorably bite my mouse hand!

I guess he just likes being with me! (or he misses "daddy" too).

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Maya Moran arrrives - Friday, June 25, 2004

now it feels real!

Maya Moran arrived into the world this morning at 8.30am weighing in at 2.95kg. She's just perfect!

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Baby brothers who aren't babies anymore - Thursday, June 24, 2004

Claire, Gus and Mark>

Happy Birthday to my baby brother Mark. Been so long since we talked. Hope to speak to you today! Have a lovely day!

Send him a birthday greeting in my comments below!

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When your younger sister is 31... does that make you really old? - Monday, June 21, 2004
Lib and Brad - Albania 2003

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Libby
Happy Birthday to you!

Its my sister Lib's birthday today! Leave here a birthday wish in my comments if you like!
(Can't believe she's 31!) Wish I could be there to celebrate with her... but it is thanks to both Lib and Brad that we can bring home our little bundle (as can Ben and Mira) when we all go home for their October wedding! YAY

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Yoga and yummy pizza - Sunday, June 20, 2004


Slept terribly last night. I think it was a mixture of missing S, eating chocolate before I went to sleep and the party that babyboxercox was throwing in my belly!

Went to Yoga today and then on for Pizza with Cris. The date is set. Baby Maya Moran will be born on Friday. WOW!
Can't wait to "meet her".

This afternoon I came straight home. So tired. Since then I have been drawing more animals, playing with the Puss and watching TV.

Might have a bath and call it a night!

Trying to build a baby site but no work done so far. Also need to hem the curtains.

The wind is howling again. its soooo spooky!

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the belly from below

Just had a lovely but whirlwide 2 days and one night with Simon. Now he has jetted off to the glamour of Cannes. GOODLUCK IN THE AWARDS S :) Puss and me are missing him already.

Yesterday I was a blob. Tired, feet up watching TV mostly and waiting for S to come home and have dinner. Today? Washing, checking in at SIA, Business cards to print, laksa for lunch, packing, chatting, swims, dinner and then he was gone.

Now? Dog tired again. Bedtime with the whirring, whistling wind again.

Sunday tomorrow and I must finish all the work I have to do for ATG (new editors issue will be launching soon).
Also I am busy with a new illustration project! and I must go grocery shopping!

See my life is SOOOO exciting isn't it!

projects: wordphoto's word of the day is sister . I hope Mim doesn't mind me uploading her!

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sitting around like a blob - Thursday, June 17, 2004

35 weeks

See I am huger!
Today, being really tired I decided to do nothing. Got up late, Sat and read a book. Took some belly pics, and since then? watching crappy TV with my slightly swollen feet up.

Simon gets home tonight, Puss can't wait!


projects: wordphoto today - navel

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lovely Luca

projects:wordphoto yesterday was iraq I contributed a number of pictures. The day before was beach I also had a stack for this one!

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Baby mania - Wednesday, June 16, 2004

an afternoon with the wiggleys

Today I got up teribly early again (disturbing a very snuggly and sleepy Puss). Breakfast and then forms was the first part of my day. With Brithday gifts to send to Oz for 4 people the number of customs reports and consignment notes is crazy. Surely they can find a way so ou can fill them out online so you only need to write each address once (not 5 times!!!)

At 12.30 I headed west to the Wiggleys. Boys safely packed off to zbed, Marina and I jumped in the Merc and drove to the Botanic Gardens for a spot of lunch. Beef Burgers and Salad later and a good old gossip we arrived back at her place to see two cheeky lads up and about . One behind bars in his playpen and the other manning the flight deck of an amazing control booth. Boy they have grown. Man they are so gorgeous, and how dissimilar looking!

It was time for our foursome date.

Marina droped me at the post office to mail the "early Xmas gifts" (well it looked like it) then we all trotted of to Tanglin for a spot of coffee.

Found the most awesome toy store. Its downstairs next to DeliFrance (for anyone from Singaproe who is reading or indeed anyone who wants to buy the peanut anything in the future). It sells the most beautiful german wooden toys. All wood, simple, non-toxic and beautiful. I fell in love with about 10 things but no matter how implausible this sounds... I BOUGHT NOTHING.

Good isn't it! Maybe it was because these type of toys aren't suitable till at least 3 months old... Maybe its because I just know I'll go back again and be much weaker!

Upstairs we sat at the cafe. Table for 4 we said. Us two and then the two boys sitting up in their high chairs like little gentlemen.
Chocolate milkshake, and a shared Sticky Date pudding mmm. See I am eating well!

This particular cafe does great food. Its also always full of either a) mums and babies (today there were 5 sets) b) pregnant women (5 including me) or c) groups of mums who have obviously snuck out for a "break". Definitly not a place to go if you don't want to catch whatever it is they must have in their water supply!

Time to go home now.... exhausted so after helping Marina visit the supermarket and DIY store (whereby everyone who saw me with the twin pram asumed I had gotten pregnant extremely fats and either thought "wow" or poor poor girl!) I jumped in a cab.

Only 20 laps today. Time for bed.

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Sales time in Singapore - Tuesday, June 15, 2004

lucky plaza crowds at the GSS

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Stretching with Sandya, chomping with Cris and lounging with Leo - Monday, June 14, 2004

Shaggy Leo comes up close to a much bigger tum

The lovely Leo called me today so we decided to try to catch up for a late coffee before he ehaded back to OZ.
First though I had Yoga to atend with Cris. So after getting up, designing two more "critters" (more on that soon), breakfast and a dash to town, I was ready and set up with one mat for me and one for Cris at Shambala. This was to be our first daytime class. And also another with Sandya and not our regular teacher Sarah

Sandya is great but she's a "real yoga" teacher. She doesn't explain anything, She doesn't say hello, She makes me feel like an inflexible dunce. (because I am an inflexible dunce). Sarah on the other hand is all about fun, frivolity, safety and anecdotes... obviously she knows that 50% of the fat women in her antenatal clases know nothing about yoga.

It was good though. (Except for the dunce bits). I felt so relaxed I was yawning for hours later.

fterwards Cris and I headed to Tanglin for lunch and a huge chat. It just dawned on me that she and Peter will be having their baby NEXT WEEK!!!!! Makes our arrival seem all the more tangible now too.

Didn't survive the "not shopping thing". Cris needed something at "Mothers' Work" so we went in and I found something that I too just had to have, dammit!

Next I rushed of to meet Leo and Naz for a sticky bun and decaf late. Leo's hair is lengthening making him look lankier than ever! He gave me a gorgeous tiny pair of Adidas football boots. So tiny that a baby can't even don them. But they will make awesome hanging playthings!

Home exhausted. Cuddles with the Puss.

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Strip, Wax and Polish - Saturday, June 12, 2004

A new plane at hollland V

Today was pampering day. I made an early booking at "strip" a waxing venue in Holland for some much needed grooming issues so I started the day with a cab ride, a coffee, the newspaper and some primping. It was nice to be pampered again!

Next I headed into "town" or what is really called Orchard road. Its GREAT SINGAPORE SALE TIME, so its crazy. Every shop is competing and the locals are out in force doing what they do best. Shop (and queue).

I have to say the sales don't seem anywhere near as great as they have in the past. Perhaps its because they have extended the period of the sales till the end f July. To sustain it they obviously are tsaking longer to mark everything down!

Next? Supermarket shopping to load up on supplies to feed me (well me and the peanut) while Simon is away. I can do a full shop now in under 20 minutes. door to door its brilliant! And then they deliver to me later in the day so no heavy bags.

Pampering continued after a quick snack.

Pedicure for my poor tired feet.. mmmmm many magazines later I elt much better

So far today I have done "quite well" at not buying anything for the baby room. I am being strong (yet not totally invincible!)

Once back at home I swam my laps. 30 again. Feels so good.

Yawn! Tired...

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the belly brigade - Thursday, June 10, 2004

word photo - graffitti

What a lovely day was had today. It was my first day of wandering about as a lady who lunches ( albeit with a big belly). First I met Simon for lunch which was lovely. Next I went to meet Cris from my yoga and antenatal classes. We had coffee and I succumbed to carrot cake at DKNY and we talked for ages. Then we went wandeing. It was my ifrst time wandering about with another big belly. I felt like I was part of a new club.

Actually in the cafe were two other women. One with a pram and from it, from time to time came tiny little mewing cries. A 3 week old baby! Thats what we both have to look forwards to. Cris in possibly 3 weeks me in around 5.
Its a little daunting! We said Hi on our way out and discovered we actually already ARE part of this secret society!

projects:wordphoto todays theme is graffitti. I went a bit mad and uploaded heaps. After al scrawlings on walls are one of my favorite subjects.

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day two of leisurehood - Wednesday, June 09, 2004

just another trip to the loo

So now I don't work. Instead I sleep, run around a bit, sleep more and go to the loo 500 times a day! So far it still feels like its the weekend. It hasn't sunk in quite as yet that I am actually not going back to work for a while.

I don't think its also sunk in as yet that I may have a baby as early as 5 weeks from now!

Got loads of stuff I still want to do. However I am getting more and more tired. And just as I try to venture out for the day another storm has hit and its huge!

Puss has gotten used to me being at home now and follows me around quite a bit. Except for now while he's quaking in fear under the bed!

Remember now I am home... email me!

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New Ned - Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ned, my big nephew

Only one more day at work to go... and oddly enough I am busier than ever. Now that its the end of the day I am actually looking forwards to getting out of here tomorrow.

I just wish I could have gotten some of my personal archiving etc done today because tomorrow will be hell!

Almost 33 weeks now... eek its all getting closer and closer!

guestmap: 67 welcome to Nick, Daniella and Judith!

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Eternal sunshine in a state of eternal storms - Wednesday, June 02, 2004
If you get a chance go and see "Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind".

Its a brilliant film written by Charlie Kaufman and starring a stellar cast of Jim Carrey (in his first real straight role), Kate Winslet, Tom Wilkinson and Kirsten Dunst. Directed impecably by Michel Gondry its the best film I have seen all year!

Also, for me it was a lovely way to get out of the huge storms we seem to be suffering here in Singapore at the moment!

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