caravans and feeling like we are on holiday - Sunday, October 31, 2004

old aussie caravan

Maeve wakes up very early since we got to Oz so Simon and I bought new sandshoes and go walking most mornings. The beach is stunning and its so quiet and peaceful. Walking around the backstreets of Aldinga each morning I have started taking some "aussie" shots.

This is so Autralian!

The area we are living in was really a beach house zone but now people live here year round. The beach stretches for miles and people are allowed to drive their cars on it (more shots of the beautiful scenery soon).

Simon is flying every week day but after our walk we have breakfast together than the girls drive Daddy to school and then pick him up. It does feel like we are on holiday (it also feels like we live in a small town and we like it!)

We are still midst the festival of Simon and some neighbourhood kids come trick or treating today too!

Happy Halloween.

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A country wedding - Saturday, October 16, 2004


story and pic soon!

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