sad and privlieged - Saturday, November 20, 2004
Just a quick not to say how privileged I feel to be represented amongst such a brilliant, talented list of photographers at this months last and final 28mm magazine. So many brilliant exhibitions here and its so sad that it won't be happening again. I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of it.

Congratulations Rachel for making it real and making it happen!

Secondly... I know its been ages but I finally have an internet provider so I'll try to be here more often. some notes.

Get well soon Heather.
Congratulations to Michelle on the birth of Cider and Jane on the birth of Finley.
Congratulations to Belinda who gets married today.
Happy 4 months old to Maeve last week.
Congratuations to Simon for passing the next stage of his pilots course.

More soon. I really do promise!

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Happy Birthday Simon - Monday, November 01, 2004

daddy and daughter

Today is Simon's birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Maeve and I gave him presents in bed and then we all set off for the Winllunga Farmers Market. Yum. Organic Vegetables, Clean Skin wines, Olive oil, Fresh Honey etc... its brilliant. Next we had brakfast at a local cafe and read the papers in the sun. Last stop was a beer at the Alma hotel in Willunga before heading home to sit in the sun in the backyard. A great day!

For dinner? The three of us reserved a table at the Lake Coolangatta Cafe which is just brilliant. Oysters, local reisling, Tommy Ruffs for me and Jewfish for Simon and a Creme Brulee to share mmmmm. The festival of Simon is under way.

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back in australia - banksia, aldinga beach

Well we left Singapore over a month ago and so much has happened. We've packed up one home been to 3 weddings. Moved into another little home. Simon has flown solo. Maeve has almost doubled her birth weight. We own a Volvo Station Wagon.

So much to tell you all about. And I promise I will. Come back and ypu'll see that I'll update the days I missed soon. (even though I have a slow as ever dial up connection!


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