Home at last... Thank Goodness .... - Monday, January 31, 2005

kissing Aunty Mim on our trip to "the Gong"

Wow... Its been so long since I felt like I had a home. Finally we are now all mov ed in. So much has happened since I was last here. I have shipped my family and my life half way around the world. My cat has been at cat camp for 4 months and my baby has two teeth, eats food and has started crawling!. Too much to update in one short and simple blog. I promise to catch up with the highlights at some stage... but from now its just time to make a brand new start.

The last week has been CRAZY!

Engagement part at the "Morrow's" Great night!

Moved out of Marie's (with sore heads) and into the Morrows (quietly).

Collected Mum and dad from the airport and drove down to "The Gong" to vist Mim and Dave. Saw their lovely flat, Walked along the beach. Bought yummy seafood and had a BBQ. Drove back. Visited Simon at work then swapped Mum and Dad to Mark. Long but great day.

Organised ourselves for "the big move"

We moved in to our empty home. I rushed out to buy a kettle and a microwave. Our rental fridge arrived. Mum and Mark came for a visit in the afternoon. We had tea and cookies sittng on the floor. A bed arrived that night so we had something to sleep on. It was from Ikea. It was broken. We slept on the mattress.

The next day was a public Holiday, Australia Day. we went to Ikeato exchange the broken bits. We moved all our suitcases in. We went to BBQ and saw so many of our friends and met all their little new family members too. Matt, Ainsley, Abbie, Laurie, Nic, Kelsey, Grace, Ingo, Kate, Lachlan, The Buckleys, The Browns, Dave, Abbie and more (I think). Came home built most difficult bed in world. Flopped.

Simon went to work. I stayed at home in empty house. Signed up for swimming and Gymbaroo and went to Early childhood centre. Maeve weighs 6.6kg.

The furniture arrived. 3 men came with it to move us in. In Singapore we had about 8 movers and they took 2 full days! By about 4.30 all was in and I felt crap. Simon and I proceeded to get sick and go to bed.

Felt even worse. Hard to function when sick and take care of gorgeous child! By afternoon felt a little more human (after a few panadols). Were supposed to go to Indian banquet but couldn't. Ate dry bread!

Unpacked more. Bought a doona an d baby barriers. Simon made yummy dinner!

PHEW... Today? Gymbaroo!

Other than all that?
Over at ATG the girls have been so accomodating. I really haven't been pulling my editorial weight at all... THANK YOU ALL!

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