Maeve and Digby - Monday, March 21, 2005

Maeve and Digby wrestling

Maeve and I drove to Rushcutters Bay park today to catch up with Gavin and Digby. The weather wasn't too bad though we rugged up a little, so we were able to have a bit of a much about on the grass. Digby is sooo much bigger than the last time I saw him! He's not really crawling yet but they do say that girls always do all that stuff much faster than the blokes. They probably have the right idea.There's such a short time to be babies but forever to go running about... Slow down Maeve!
Wish Kirsty could have been here. Still we blew it in Adelaide... Next time :)

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old friends - new mums - Friday, March 18, 2005

Jen, KJ, V and Marina together again

Today I attended Veronica's baby shower. It was such a lovely day catching upo with lots of long lost freinds who are now all either Mums or Mum's to be. Maeve had a great time too crawling about and playing roughly with the sweet little boys! Can't wait to see more of everyone. Marina in Melbourne hopefully and KJ and V while they finish their pregnancies and then have little ones of their own for Mave and me to "hang out with".

Thanks for rekindling the friendship V!

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Big Beautiful Ned - Thursday, March 17, 2005

gorgeous Cousin Ned

Today Ned and Maeve played together for ages. He's bigger than Maeve but really she's the bully and he's just a big sweet softie. Maeve was charging, growling, grabbing and knocking him down. But what she really meant was to kiss him lots and lost. He's very handsome." Hopefully one day I can go out on dates with his friends and I can introduce him to mine" she says.

I hope its not too long before theye can play together again, it's such a shame that tomorrow we have to go home to Sydney and he has to return to London.

We have been so lucky getting to spend time with them twice since October. Thanks sisters for both getting married :)

I hope that they will be able to be famous friends forever... How lovely that they were born in the same year.

There are loads more pictures here but you will need passwords and logins to get there... so email me :)

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meeting Audrey Vincent - Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Anna and Audrey and Me and Mummy

"Today after getting up a little late, Mummy and I went to spend the day with Aunty Anna and her new tiny daughter Audrey. She will be my friend one day but right now she's too little. She makes me look huge!

She is absolutely gorgeous and has loads and loads of hair. Mummy tells me that when I was born I was also this tiny but I had almost no hair. I was a baldie!

We went for a long walk up King William Road, had lunch and a coffee and shopped a bit as well as braving Anna's first public display of breast feeding!

Can't wait to see them again soon I hope."

Love from Maeve

There are more pics hereon this date but you need a passowrd to get in (email me if you want one).

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hillard - Saturday, March 12, 2005

Mim and Dave now Mr and Mrs

Today was the wedding of Miriam and Dave. It was held in McLaren Vale at Olivers Vineyards in the Old Chaff shed. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and everyone looked stunning.

We flew in from Sydney last night arriving at 8pm and running past Lib's house to pick up a portacot before we drove down to Mclaren Vale to settle in for the night. Maeve was amazing on the flight eating, playing and finally sleeping all the way in and then out to baggage claim (which meant that Simon had to carry all the carry on things alone as I had my arms full of an ever increasing sleepy weight baby.)

We had booded into a Cottage at Beresford Winery and it was lovely. Maeve even had her own room!

Early this morning Simon got up and drove to his old stimping ground (South Coast Avaiation) and went for a small flight to Kangaroo Island and back. In the meantime Maeve and I went for a walk, bought some wines and got organised. At 2.30 we got the call to head over to the place the brie was getting ready.

I was on duty as Makeup artist for Mim, Emma, my Mum, me and Maeve (all in one hour). My Dad went and collected Simon who raced home for a shower and to change before coming back to collect his girls and Motherinlaw to go to the wedding.

Maeve looked very beautiful too today. She wore the lovely smocked dress that "Mimmy" gave her with a very pretty pink and white Cardigan. Simon wore his gorgeous suit (we love it when he dresses up) and I wore a gorgeous black dress that I finally found the day before we left!
The wedding was lovely. Lots of smiles and laughs and silly dancing to old favorite reto tunes (sorry Dave but it was mostly retro and we loved it).

It was an all round gorgeous memorable day full of love!

I hope someone took a picture of Maeve so we can remember how she looked!

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Cousins - Sunday, March 06, 2005

Big cousin Sophie

Andrew, Kylie, Sophie, Jordon, Jeanette and John came to visit us today in our new house.

Jordan loved swirling around on our chairs and Sophie played with Maeve.

She's such a big girl now. So slim and so beautiful Its been lovely watching her grow up. I can't even fathom that Maeve will be that big one day. It all seems to have happened so fast!

Sophie is so lovely with Mave too. I hope I get the chance to get them together much more often. I am hoping we can go up and spend a day during the school holidays too.

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