lightweight - Friday, April 29, 2005
Last night was our first official night without Maeve. Yes in 9 whole months it was the first time Simon and I went out together while she was babysat.

Simon booked a really ritzy restaurant in town. It was gorgeous. We spoiled ourselves with oysters and cocktails but alas I am SUCH a lightweight now. I am out of practice, out of training and out of sleep.

We were having a lovely time, though I must admit to have had a headache and flu for the last 2 days, and by the time I was half way through my gorgeous main course I felt quite off colour. He had made further plans for a real night out (just like the old days) but I just couldn't make it.

Poor Simon. I love him for making my birthday so beautiful. I hate myself for feeling so crap. Dammit!

Still we have now learned that we CAN go out and leave Maeve and we will again soon. Definitely.

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Birthday and Birth days - Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jen Lib and Mim ant Mim's recent wedding

Today I offically turn old. I am over the "hump" on the downhill slide side... eek.

But that aside its funny looking back to birthdays of the past. This time last year I was huge "with child" and we had an excellent cocktail party at our appartment in Singapore. The year before I had just returned (literally by one day) from my 3 month jaunt around the globe. Each year is different and this one even more so because this time I am a Mummy. Maeve gave me lots of cuddles this morning even though she's still a little poorly.

Tonight will be our first official night out alone. Simon's Mum is baby sitting and we are off to dinner. Its amazing to think I haven't spent more than 3 hours away from her since the day she was born. And we certainly haven't spent even ten minutes away from her together. I hope I don't become that stressy Mum that feels the need to ring home every ten minutes to see if she is OK.

So its my Birthday and I was born on this day 36 years ago in a small town in Scotland at 7.30 am in the morning. My Dad wasn't there, he wasn't allowed in in those days (the dark ages!). Today though its very exciting because its soon to be the birthdays of babies of two friends of mine.

At 12 EST we welcome Max and Mary's new little one and at 3pm in Singapore ( almost the same time really) we welcome the new Juniour Ralphsmith to Sarah and Richie. Good luck all. I am thinking of you and thanks so much for the fab birthday presents. I can't wait to meet them both!

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Poor sick Maeve - Tuesday, April 26, 2005

still smiling even though she's sick

Maeve and I have been stuck at home for the last few days. Poor thing has had a fever since Saturday and now it seems she has an ear infection ( capped off by a horrid cough).

Poor little thing just wants cuddles all the time!

It's so heart breaking seeing her sick with glassy eyes, running nose and that cough. :(

To make matters worse I think I too am getting a cold. Makes it even harder to help her struggle through and now she's on antibiotics so the trauma of three times a day insertions through her tiny pursed lips is gut wrenching.

Still she's smiling, waving and clapping in betweeen coughs and she looks so tiny and fragile.

My poor little poppins.

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BREAKING NEWS - Clap hands - Monday, April 25, 2005
Maeve can offically clap hands. Both prompted and unprompted!

And on another BIg one she is starting to practice standing up without holding on to anything ( just for a split second of course but all the same)

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Mila's christening - Saturday, April 23, 2005

Pablo, Olivia and Mila

Today was Mila Seller's chritening at a gorgeous quaint little church in Waverley. The small selection of family and friends included quite a number of children and babies and the minister thankfully said that the day was all about the children so let them make as much noise as they want. They all did.

It was a gorgeous litle ceremony with only a few tears from the girl of the moment and afterwards it was followed by a wonderful lunch at the Sellers fab home in Tamarama. Poor little Maeve wasn't looking so well so we finally left and noticing that she had a bit of a fever and a "bubble' nose we decided against attending her second social function for the day, Finn Langley's first birthday. It looks like they had a beautiful day in the sun though!

Happy Birthday Finn. Happy Christening Mila!

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Photofriday - Soft - Friday, April 22, 2005

Soft - BB Bear on Xmas Day

projects:photofriday this weeks theme is "Soft"

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Happy Birthday Nephew - Friday, April 15, 2005

Big beautiful one year old Ned

Happy Birthday to my Big nephew. Wish we could be there to watch you blow the candles out on the cake. Glad Grandma and Grandpa could be there though! I can't actually believe a year has passed so fast!

There are more shots here though you will need a password!

Please leave him a birthday note in my comments below :)

As for me I have been busy as usual though I have spent some time catching up with Maeve's site so there are lots more images online now here

I also decided to restart participating in the Friday Five and Photofriday... though this week's Friday five is a bit off...

The friday five
1. How often do you get sick?
Before I was pregnant about once every 2 months but now? I don't have time to get sick. During my pregnancy I felt like superwoman

2. Do you take a lot of over the counter medicine?
Not any more! Not even headache tablets because I am still breastfeeding

3. Have you ever been in the hospital for an extended period of time?
No. Knock on wood.

4. Are there any diseases that run in your family?
No. Well a few members of extended family had had forms of Cancer but I don't think that counts as a run in the family disease as mostly the different cancers have a lot to do with environment general habits/heath etc

5. What is the best remedy for the common cold?
Honey egg and oil! Sounds dreadful but tastes good. A hot water bottle... Doona, movie on the DVD player and hot lemon tea... and someone to take care of you

photofriday theme this week is rest .. just what I really need some of! Instead though I have chosen this portarait of my two loved ones restng together.... enjoy

Dad and Maeve rest together at 4 days old

guestmap: its been a while :) post your position!

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the festival of Mim continues - Wednesday, April 13, 2005

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