kelly's baby shower - Sunday, June 26, 2005

mum and maeve - 11 months old

entry to come soon.... maeve crying at present!

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Last baby standing - Thursday, June 02, 2005

standing up and soo proud of herself

Maeve is soo cheeky now. She stands up all the time and often not holding on to anything at all. She walks every where... around all the furniture and across the room holding our hands. In fact she charges, she's in a real hurry. I bought her a little trolley and it also goes fast across the room and then back again with her just reaching the handle.

Sorry for our lack of blogging of late... but firstly its hard to get a moment and secondly it's even harder to take a good shot of the ever so active one. She truly is a little busy girl. Always on the go and as soon as the camera is out she heads straight for it! It won't be long though now until I am chasing the running Maeve around. Stay tuned for more updates... I promise!

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