at the welshes - Saturday, July 30, 2005

tickle time

Spent a lovely afternoon at the home of the Welsh family in Spotswood (Victoria). Its been ages since I saw them and I hadn't even met the two youngest members of the family. Maeve had so much fun with Jacob! Especially tickling each other to death. Much love to Marina and David. Let's make it sooner that we see each other next time.

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Maeve's party pics from Matt C - Monday, July 25, 2005
In the meantime (till I get organised... Here is Matt Cumming's excellent reportage of the event of the season (according to Maeve)

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And finally all my party pics are here

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Maeve's first party - Sunday, July 24, 2005

the party pixie

Today was Maev'es first birthday party ( a week after the actual event. I had a bit of a week. It was my aim to be the perfct Donna Hay Mum and have loads of expert cupcakes and a party food for people to gush over ( well not really) but I was having serious failures. The cake took 2 attempts and the second, swhlst it looked good on exiting the tin started to die a dismal death as soon as I began to ice it. I was in tears. 2 days of cake baking after many years of abstension had taken it out of me. I packed it in and went to bed and today, at 9am my sister Mim turned up to help. We dicided to fix it with a new kind of icing make from whipped cream so we despatched Jeanette off to the shops to get the supplies we needed and then the thre of us started the production line fixing the "main event cake" and icing loads of gorgeous red cupcakes with marshmallow flowers. It all come good in the end.

Thanks to my wonderful helpers.

The guests soon started arriving and Simon manned the sausage sizzle. At last count we had 60 people from 7 weeks old upwards at our house. What a huge day. I think everyone had fun though and Mim was a womderful helper making the clean up a simple task.

Maeve was inundated with the ost gorgeous gifts so now she is so spoiled! I will upload a link here soon for a gallery of party pics.

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cutting the cakee

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Maeve's birthday away - Monday, July 18, 2005

riding on my new woof woof

Maeve turned one this weekend and the three of us decided to spend it alone as a fmaily. We went North to Tea Gardens (its about 3 hours north of Sydney). The weather was brilliant and we had such a nice time looking at the pelicans, the horses and the Cows. Maeve woke up on Sundy and we sall sang Happy Birthday then we gave her her presents, a ride on dog, some new books and lots of blocks.

Here is a new gallery of pics from her special weekend.

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yoghurt is great for one's hair - Thursday, July 14, 2005

feeding myself

Maeve has taken a huge interest of late in snatching the spoon from me mid meal. Sometimes she delights in placing the spoon squarely into her mouth. Sometimes she "feels the food" with her fingers and sometime she waves it around spraying all and sundry. Today it was all about the hair. Mmmm what a mess!

3 days till her first birthday and she's up and walking 70% of the time, albeit quite wobbly. She's such a big kisser and hugger and says dad-dy, mum mum mum, pussss and bay bee (which is in regards to her baby doll that now goes everywhere.
Our baby is no more. She's a beautiful little girl.

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Kissing cousins - Tuesday, July 12, 2005

maeve and big cousin sophie

It's school holidays and Sophie was down to stay with "Mimmi" so Maeve and I went over for a visit. Maeve just loves her big cousin and Sophie is so good with her. It was lovely to see them together. I'm sure Soph will always be a bit of a mentor for Maeve.

Maeve was all smiles, hugs and kisses. I can't wait to get them (and Jordan and Luella) together again in October. I wonder how long it will be before she can see Ned?

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10 small steps for Maevekind - Saturday, July 02, 2005

standing up in my sleepsuit

So is that officially walking then? She took 10 steps all in a row today. 8 yesterday and 5 the day before. The rest of the time she is charging arond with her trolley or walking holding my 2 fingers. Is it official?

In other news we got a new tooth last night so that makes 8. She wakes at 3am again (for the lst 3 days) so we think 1 year old molars are on the way, and settling of to bed is getting harder... she just wants cudddles.

But on the bright side she now eats loads of vegetables (on toast mixed with cheese).

projects:28 mm offline - the book launched today and you can buy the book if you click here. I am so proud to be a part.

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