The festival of Simon continues - Thursday, November 17, 2005

Maeve and Mummy

Luella and Aunty Chardean

Today we had a lovely lunch at Jeanette's place. Firstly it was to finally celebrate Simon's birthday with Jeanette and John and secondly its the day beofre Nigel, Chardean and Luella go back home so we have to say goodbye:(

Maeve was so well behaved. She sat in her high chair perfectly for almost an hour and even ate some lunch with us all.

I dressed her in the smocked dress she wore to Miriam's wedding. Mimmy gave it to her and it fits really well now. She looked so pretty and girly. We don't get to dress up that often so it was lovely.

We even go to take quite a few lovely family portraits which will be lovely to here for more shots

Thanks everyone for a gorgeous day.

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