in the "cox pit" - Thursday, December 29, 2005

like father like daughter

big planes, small girl

Today it was hellishly hot. I think at least 38 degrees, and Maeve and Mummy treated Daddy to a special outing. Still staying in Tea Gardens we drove down to William town, where there is a huge airforce base and we visited "Fighter World". a museunm of fighter jets. Simon was in heaven. And Maeve certainly loved all the BIG PLANES. She even got to sit in the cockpit with Daddy and driev some of them.

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a born beach babe - Wednesday, December 28, 2005

beach babes?

changing in the car boot

Maeve loves the beach. Thank goodness since we will be soon living at one. we spent quite a few days lathered in sunscreen chasing maeve into and out of the water at Hawks Nest. It was a lovely holiday. I think Simon had an excellent break. He managed a few surfs a few flights (and crashes ) of his radio contralled planes and we had lots of time to sit, chat, eat, drink and read. Poppy Geoff's place at Tea Gardens is so wonderful. Its so relaxing watching the gangs of kangaroos in the mornings and evenings and going for runs in the grass to feed the horse. Maeve is so lucky to have seen all those things so young. Hope we can go back up there soon.

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Tea Gardens - Tuesday, December 27, 2005

watching a DVD in the nu-nude

More soon I promise :)

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Xmas Day - Sunday, December 25, 2005

Daddy's hat

chilli prawns mmmm

The spread

eating in the heat on the deck

my too big pram

Will write whole blurb soon

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Merry Xmas 2005 - Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Xmas!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Look how much Maeve has grown...
(here is our card from last year)
What a huge year itŐs been this year for the Boxer Coxs.
We moved to Sydney in January and stayed in 5 different houses in 4 weeks till we finally settled into our home in Hunters Hill and were re-acquainted with out cat who had been separated from us for 3 and a half months.

The year has really flown by and nothing helps to make you see how much has happened as well as the growth of a child.
Maeve began the year by sitting up and sprouting a tooth in the first week whist now she is running, jumping, chattering away and she has 12 (teeth that is).

She is such a gorgeous little lady now. So grown up, so affectionate and so communicative. We really cannot imagine life without her.

Much of this year has been spent house hunting. Up with the birds and dragging the poor little one in the car while we trawled around open inspections. Finally though in November we signed the contracts on a place and we settle on January the 12th.

After a year in the leafy surrounds of Hunters Hill we have finally found a home right by the beach (Simon is already polishing the boards and drawing up plans for an elaborate storage system).

The next year promises lots of renovating but it will be great to finally sink our teeth back into something that is OURS again and make a home at last. Maeve canŐt wait to eat more sand and play in her own back yard.

Hope your year has been good to you. All our love and best wishes for an equally promising start to 2006 and may we hear more news from your part of the world soon (and send us some pics too).

Jen, Simon and Maeve Cox ( and TC too)

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I love my pillow - Thursday, December 22, 2005

sleepy head

MAeve has started sleeping with a pillow and loves being tucked in. What a big sleepy girl

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I'm forever growing up - Wednesday, December 21, 2005

balcony bubbles with Daddy

We sure are going to miss this deck when we move. Maeve loves to race up and don on it. Ride her rideons, draw on her table. But soon we will have a backyard instead!

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Last days - Saturday, December 17, 2005

Xmas at Gymbaroo, Ryde

It was our last day at Gymbaroo ryde today. A sad day for both of us as we have been coming for the whole year and know everyone well and have made some lovely friends. We had a Xmas theme so everyone dressed up a bit. It was lots of fun but also because its already school holidays the class was extra small (only 4) so we had time for a bit more of a chat and a bit more bonding.

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I love Laura - Thursday, December 15, 2005

a duet

Laura and in the background, Kylie


After our last time at Willoughby for swimming lessons we went back to our swim pal Laura's house for lunch and a farewell party and play. We had a lovely lovely time.

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cows and mook - Monday, December 12, 2005

walking to the dairy

calves eating

with Daddy

We all got up really early this morning and walked to the dairy down the road. It was a good long walk for Maeve who got in plenty of practice saying Moo even before we got there. She was facinated by the calves and learned another new word... Mook ( Milk) It was gorgeous to see how excited she got and all she wanted to do was touch them ( touch touch touch) unfortunately they were all a little scared of her.

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in wattamolla - Saturday, December 10, 2005

maeve's first pigtails

Sitting with Daddy


Today I put some tiny pigtails in Maeve's hair. Surprisingly it was fairly pain free and certainly more lasting than clips which she tends to remove and eat. She looked so cute but she also looked so much older! Its the end of babyland I think. We drove down to the Wattamolla valley yesterday to Jeanette's plce and today we got up late and played around the house. Maeve spent ages carting around a bunch of bananas. She learned 5 new words today. Tomato, donkey, Olive, Mango and camera ( I'm sure there are more but its so hard to keep up she is almost parroting me now.

Jeanette's place is gorgeous and so peaceful.

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taking pics with mimmy

in the creek

tiptoes and tummy

After a gorgeous lunch under the trees by the banks of the creek Maeve took some pics with Mimmy's camera (click here to see them) and then went for a walk across the creek. She soon got soaked so we removed her clothes and made her nu-nudes (as she calls it) She had a ball as it was gorgeously warm day. Wish I could have gotten in too but forgot my cossie!

More shots will be here soon

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so cuggly - Sunday, December 04, 2005

cuggle with mummy

Another of the words we are attempting to correct is cuggle. Mummy cuggle, Daddy cuggle. baby cuggle and even her breakfast bowl gets a cuggle.

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A real little girl now - Saturday, December 03, 2005

posing with my bopple

Maeve has grown so much. She's as cheeky as ever and very very funny! Here she is posing with her bottle (as she calls it a bopple). WE have loads and loads of new words happening now. Almost too many to name.

a beautiful milky mouth

She is so cuddly and affectionate and she has her routine down pat. She runs to the gate when it is time for nigh ngh or for her bath and trots down the stairs counting to 10 all the way down. And she is so excited all the way.

I can't imagine life without her!

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