home owners - Thursday, January 12, 2006

taking up the carpet

Today we are officially homeowners. Its been a huge, tiring and very busy day. A day we couldn't have managed without Nic Ingram and Angie Hogan. We were up at the crack of dawn and drove northwards to the beach for a final inspection of the house (under Angie our conveyancers direction). The agent, Bernard met us at the house at 9.30 am and it was our job to make sure there was no damage, nothing had been removed and that there wasn't any junk left lying around. We were nice and quick ( 15 minutes) and all seemed well except for a pile of junk under the house.

Angie didn't want us to settle till it was gone but we instructed the agent to go ahead on the proviso that they removed it.
We went off to Harbord, had a coffee, bought the paper and watied till a decent hour to arrive at the Ingrams.

At 11 we arrived on their doorstep. Nic had offered to take Maeve for the day for us so we could meet tradesmen, rip up carpet and scrub bathrooms etc. We sat in her kitchen while Maeve raced around with Kelsey and Grace and twiddled our fingers nervously while we waited.

We got the call from Angie that it was all done at 11.30. WOW... home owners!

We drove to the agents office to get the keys and were greeted with a lovely card and a bottle of champagne ( how nice) and we drove to our new home. When we arrived th ex owner was there with a hired ute removing all the rubbish so we helped him pack it into the tray. How fast was that!

Soon we were inside our new home and we wasted no time at all ripping up the carpet in the blue room which WAS to be Maeve's room, so we could see what was underneath.

I had booked an electrician, a painter and some floor guys to come and give us final quotes. The floors if being polished had to be sanded the next day and then laquered on Saturday to leave enough time for the painting and electricals to be done.

The quotes seemd ok so we gave them the go ahead the only problem was that we had to have 2 rooms of cork tiles and one room of carpet and lino removed before they could start. We did it... it took hours but we did it with one paint scraper and two screw drivers.

We also removed all the dodgy curtain and rods and blinds. What a difference it has made already.

Nic took care of Maeve right up till dinner time when we arrived smelly and dirty to take her home. Tomorrow will be a day of buying ceiling fans and light fittings then the weekend will be busy again but this time with Maeve!

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Mila's 2nd brthday party - Saturday, January 07, 2006

singapore girl

a chick chick (here and a chik chick there...with Daddy)

playing with the other kids

Being that Maeve's favorite song is "old macdonald". Mila's farm themed birthday party was a winner. Chickens, Goats, Lambs, a Sheep, Kittens, Puppies, ducklings and more. And we could "tutch, tutch" them all. Daddy even joined in :)

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last few days - Wednesday, January 04, 2006

cheeky girl

We arre surrounded in cardboard... and its not long now till we get our new house ( the 12th). Maeve has been very good, though to be honest I have done most of the packing at night time to avoid her unpacking everythiing as we go. She IS a good little helper. In 20 days we will be living in our new house. Bye Bye possums, bye bye birds, bye bye Harry Seidler house.

Hello our own house, rennovating and BIG MORTGAGES :)

Happy days.

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