Big school - Friday, March 24, 2006

off to school with my handbag

Today Maeve started Childcare for the first time. She was a real trouper. Smiling, playing with al the kids and basically waving bye bye to me. She couldn't get rid of me soon enough. Look how cute she looks with her bag!

She's going for 2 days a week.

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Our first new home BBQ - Thursday, March 23, 2006

Maeve hold court at "her" table

Boy I love having so many kids around at my house

All set up for the kids

Mila sleeping (still in her car seat)

looking back towards the house

What a lovely day. We had a BBq today at home with some of our local friends and loads of kids. With the new side gate in place the yard is completely safe and Maeve was in her element playing all day and hardly needing us at all. She was covered in sand and sause and smiling from ear to ear. It was lovely to have Pic, Baz, Keira and Jethro, Matt, Annette and Maya, Matt, Ainsley, Abby and Luca, Mary, Max, Zoe and Alex, Ed, Olivia, Pablo and Mila, Jeanette, Adam, and the three of us of course...Last count there were 14 adults and 10 children under 4! What a great day ( and the weather was perfect too!

There are more even better pics online here courtesy of Matt Cumming.

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Boating on the Hawkesbury - Saturday, March 11, 2006


there she is - dwarfed by the jacket

sophie lounges

poppy geoff

off to the beach

We were lucky to have a day out today on Andrews new boat. Its gorgeous. Maeve had so much fun in her super huge life jacket and loved playing with cousins Sophie and Jordan. Thanks for a glorious day Kylie and Ange!

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