pablo's pirate party - Saturday, August 19, 2006

Midshipman Maeve and Captain Jen

Playing with Magic Craig's bunny

Why eat your own cake when you can eat Grace's?

Today after only one day back in Sydney and me still sick with th dreaded bug Maeve and I headed East to Pablo's Pirate Party.

It was a gorgeous day. The weather was the best I have seen in Sydney for ages. Sunny, warm and a perfect day to hang out in a park by the beach.

The party was brilliant. Entertainment was provided by "Magic Craig" the magician ( great name huh!) Everone came dressed for the occasion. I even matched Maeve as you can see. Wish Simon could have come too!

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Snowtime! - Thursday, August 17, 2006

I love the snow as much as my Daddy

I wish Mummy could ski with me too

No skis small enough for these feet!

Look at what I made... I did really!

After being horribly ill for a week and a half we braved the 5 hour drive and headed to Thredbo for a well earned and preorganised holiday.

Of course I can't ski being almost 6 months pregnant but I was looking well forwards to a few hours of r and r with a book in front of a fire. Maeve still was coughing and had a horribly runny nose so we decided to try to stay inside for a couple of days and get over the lurgy. We were staying at a club lodge and for the first 2 nghts Poppy was there too and we also saw Aunty Mim and Uncle Dave who left on Sunday. Maeve slept in our room so that was a bit of an experiment. One night she was particularly noisy and the "boys" in the next room decided a good idea would be to bang on our wall to try to make her quiet... no idea really! Like that would help!

We had an excellent week. Whilst all reports of snow were that it was dismal there was plenty to have a great time and the weather was awesome. Sunny every day! Simon had at least a half day skiing each day. We had all our meals cooked for us and had plenty of rest with early nights in. Maeve got to ski with Daddy and feel the snow ( its cold Mummy). Can't wait to go back next year when I can ski too and we can strap some tiny skis to her shoes. She also looked sooooo gorgeous in her little ski outfit and apres boots. Aw! A chip off the old block indeed.

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YUCK... sick! - Monday, August 07, 2006
Maeve and I are both home struck down with the dreaded bronchitis lurgy! Its been aweful but Maeve has been really good at coping with me being so useless to her. Nemo is on constant rotation with the wiggles and hi five and daddy has been an excellent nurse too!

Hope we get over it soon!

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punk princess - Sunday, August 06, 2006

mowhawk maeve

Daddy washed Maeve's hair tonight... and it was cool fun!

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Happy 1st birthday Mattie - Saturday, August 05, 2006
Mattie Mayson had a fab 1st birthday today and Maeve and I joined in all the festivities. BUT... I forgot to take my camera!

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