action heroes - Sunday, October 22, 2006

my little superhero ( and her superhero dad)

my little superhero ( and her superhero dad)

This morning Maeve and Simon headed off for their first "gig". Hi 5 Action Heroes. I made Maeve herown action hero cape and tshirt and she was sooo excited. They should have a ball at Sydney Olympic Park with Laurie, Kelsey and Grace ( oh and a few thousand other tiny superheroes). Its Daddy and Maeve day today so I am going to get a few personal things done and have a last little moment of ME time before the BIG EVENT. 8 days till due date so anything could happen now!

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37 weeks (and finally some belly shots) - Thursday, October 12, 2006

37 weeks from below

and from the side

Its about time I recorded this pregnancy. Today is also special too because it's our first real night in our new room! ( not that the reno is finished but we CAN finally sleep in a real bed again!) Bathroom soon (fingers crossed).

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brunch with My Dave ( and Mim and Grandpa) - Monday, October 02, 2006

boy how big am I! (almost 36 weeks)

walking with "my Dave"

Today Simon went flying and Mim, Dave and Dad trekked to our house. Dave had a surf, Maeve ahd a play with Mim and Grandpa and then we all went to Dee Why for brunch ( well lunch really as it WAS 2pm!)

Simon met us at home for a coffee and Maeve crashed. Was so lovely havng Dad here. They all also got to see the work in progress that is our bedroom ( hope it will be done soon! I want to set up my nursery!)

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Grandpa comes to visit - Sunday, October 01, 2006

snuggled with Grandpa

Maeve with "My Mark"

all Maeve's Men

All tucked in ( with a teatowel!)

Dad had a meeting just after the long weekend so he made a hoiday of it and came to visit the three of his kids who now live in Sydney. Today Simon , Maeve, Mark and I decended upon Mim for a BBQ lunch at her house and Maeve and Grandpa had a lovely time together. She is particularly obsessed with tucking everyone in and going Nigh Nighs! I took some lovely shots and will try to put up a better gallery soon. Wish Mum could have come too!

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