In February, March and April 2003 I did something I never had the chance to do before and have always wanted to do. I grabbed a backpack and headed off on a round the world trip.

Unlike the trip I may have done 14 years ago this time I had a backpack with wheels, the luxury of a mobile phone to call home and the internet to record my memories.

london, oslo, stockholm, copenhagen, hamburg, berlin

prague, geneva, chamonix, barcelona, rome, naples, pompei, positano, capri, london, new york

san francisco, los angeles, lima, cuzco, macchu picchu, santiago, auckland, sydney, perth, singapore
An interactive map showing the places I visited
Click on each place and see my objectives, my "must see" wish list and my time durations in each place as well as maps and links.
Part blog, part travelogue. Updated as often as humanly possible.

A written record of my trip. The trials and tribulations, discoveries and disappointments and moments and memories recorded as I zoomed around the globe travelling alone for the first time.
Not unlike my past boxershots collections, view my shots from my trip both by the date they were taken and by the global location.
People, places, moments, textures, signs, numbers - how I see the world as I travel it, all captured with my Canon S40.

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